Netpeak Checker 3.5: Google SERP's Scraper Update and Improved Indexing Check

Netpeak Checker 3.5: Google SERP's Scraper Update and Improved Indexing Check

Our analytics show that Netpeak Checker users scrape Google search results using ‘SE scraping’ tool much more often than any other search system, and analyzing Google SERP parameters is one of the most popular features in the program. So it’s safe to bet that the release of Netpeak Checker 3.5 will make you very happy, because we’ve updated and improved Google SERP scraping, the corresponding parameter group, and Google indexing check!

It’s clear from the diagrams that our users scrape Google search results much more often than other search systems, and Google SERP analysis is on the third spot among the most popular features in Netpeak Checker
It’s clear from the diagrams that our users scrape Google search results much more often than other search systems, and Google SERP analysis is on the third spot among the most popular features in Netpeak Checker

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  • 1. Updated Google SERP’s scraper
  • 2. Changes in the Google SERP parameter group
  • Improved indexing check in Google SERP
  • Perks for You
  • In a Nutshell

1. Updated Google SERP’s scraper

Now when you scrape Google in the ‘SE Scraping’ tool, the program connects with the search system using a browser → this allows it to render JavaScript and get more data (more God-given data 🙌) from the search results. This change affected both the ‘SE Scraping’ tool and the parameters of the ‘Google SERP’ group. For example, now paid search results will also be scraped (which we were asked to do by the specialists many times), as well as the results of Google Shopping and Featured Snippets.

Rendering JavaScript also allows to improve rich snippets scraping, including the highlighted text, additional links, rating in the snippet etc.

1.1. What We Added

  • ‘Result Type’ parameter in the ‘SE Scraping’ results table → allows to recognise such types of snippets: 'Organic Result', 'Text Ad', 'Google Shopping Result', 'Video', 'Recipe Card' etc.

    This is how different types of snippets are displayed in Netpeak Checker’s ‘SE Scraper'. For your convenience they may be grouped: long press the column header and drag it up and to the left

  • 'Date' parameter from the search results.
  • 'Breadcrumbs' parameter → scraping a line, which is displayed at the very top of the snippet.
  • 'Additional data' parameter→ different kinds of data, which the program additionally extracted from snippets (for example, phone numbers / prices) are added.

    Columns ‘Additional data’, ‘Rating’ (review snippet), ‘Date’, 'Breadcrumps' in Netpeak Checker’s 'SE Scraper

  • Checkboxes in the 'Scrape result type’ section of the ‘SE Scraper’ settings:
    • 'Rich Snippets' → for gathering additional data from snippets: dates, sitelinks, images, video etc.
    • 'SERP Features' → useful if you need to gather blocks with recipes, videos, or images.
    • 'Sponsored results' → for scraping text ads or Google Shopping blocks.

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2. Changes in the Google SERP parameter group

In the new Netpeak Checker 3.5 we’re bringing back these parameters to the ‘Google SERP’ group:

  • 'Indexed URL' → parameter which shows you the amount of results for the host. Very useful while searching for dropped domains and evaluating donors – this way you can see an approximate number of pages of the website in the Google index.
  • 'Mentions' → helps you to get an estimated number of domain mentions or a specific URL on other websites.
  • ‘Additional links’ → shows you the sitelinks in a snippet of a specific URL. Basically, if they exist, then Google is more likely to trust this URL.
  • 'Related pages' → the number of pages in the related: query. Helps with finding similar websites in search results: if the niche is too narrow, then there will be fewer websites, if it's wide – there will be more.
  • 'Compromised' → shows if there is a ‘This site may be hacked’ warning in the snippet.

We’ve also added a couple of new parameters:

  • 'Cached URL' → helps you to check whether the cached URL complies with the page from the table in the program. For example, if mobile-first indexing is enabled for the URL, a mobile cache will be displayed instead of a desktop URL.
  • 'Indexing' in the ‘Root Domain parameters’→ helps you to define whether there is a domain URL in the index, without accounting for subdomains.

    List of parameters, which we brought back and added to the Netpeak Checker in the Google SERP group, will help users to get more data from search results

Improved indexing check in Google SERP

Now if the indexing check via site: operator did not give any results, the program will do the query without this operator. This method increases the accuracy of the check.

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In a Nutshell

In Netpeak Checker 3.5 we implemented:

  • Updated Google SERP’s scraper → now our users can get even more data from search results.
  • Changes in the Google SERP parameter group → we’ve expanded the parameters of search results: brought back the old ones and added some new ones.
  • Improved indexing check in Google SERP → to get more accurate data.

As always – like, comment and share this, we really appreciate it! Last thing though: what do you use the ‘SE Scraping’ tool in Netpeak Checker for? You’ll really help us out if you share it in the comments – your answers will inspire us for our future releases! 😊