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I really appreciate Netpeak Spider's working speed and amounts of data it can process. It's so easy to spot issues with it when I perform quick wins audit. I also see what a tremendous job the team has done to release the latest Netpeak Spider that competes in functionality with the most advanced crawlers worldwide.

Alexis Rylko
Alexis RylkoSenior SEO-consultant at IProspect Paris
IProspect Paris

We use Netpeak Spider to know how Google sees our websites. And we use Netpeak Checker to compare main key performance indications for our website and benchmark them to our competitors’ websites. I control my SEO teams through combination of Netpeak Spider & Checker. I recommend these tools to everyone!

David Braun
David BraunCEO at TemplateMonster & Weblium
TemplateMonster & Weblium

Netpeak Spider helps with technical auditing. I can save a project, not only some settings, and transfer it to another computer, that's why I prefer Netpeak Spider to other tools. I like using a multiscreen mode and variety of filters and segments, especially a feature to find a redirect's chain. Developers listen to the user's needs and requests and always renew a tool.

Vlad Morgun
Vlad MorgunSEO Team Lead at Flatfy

I liked the ease of use and simple interface of Netpeak Spider & Checker. I took me less than 10 minutes to play around with Netpeak Сhecker and understand how it works. And in Netpeak Spider separation of the issues by their level urgency to solve with different colors is quite handy.

Lilit Broyan
Lilit BroyanDigital Marketing Specialist at Incredo

One of the most indepth and flexible web crawlers out there, Netpeak Spider provides smooth experience and lots of features. It even has the ability to calculate your site internal PageRank giving your ideas if important pages of your site are not getting enough power internally.

Dan Steiner
Dan SteinerCEO at Avila Web Firm
Avila Web Firm
TemplateMonsterThomsonReutersShopifyOLXiProspect ParisWargamingIncredoMovavi

I’m using Netpeak Spider to do SEO audit: check On-Page parameters and look for some issues and bugs. I find the XML Sitemap Validation and Internal PageRank tools really useful, as well as the option to stop the crawling and continue it later on. I choose Netpeak Software because I don’t need another tools.

Hristo Velchev
Hristo VelchevSEO Specialist at Eurocoders

Netpeak Spider is a go-to daily tool of mine when auditing websites. Having this crawler in my arsenal of tools means that I get more data allowing me to complete a more thorough audit. Netpeak Software team keeps the tool updated, has amazing support and it makes my job easier. It's the best value tool you will use. A must for anyone serious about SEO.

Andy Drinkwater
Andy DrinkwaterSEO Consultant at IQ SEO

I mostly use Netpeak Checker to search for dropped domains. I usually work with such reports: scraping availability and first date by Whois; scraping first date by Web Archive; comparing URLs by Ahrefs parameters.

Ihor Shulezhko
Ihor ShulezhkoSEO Manager at TemplateMonster

I've stumbled upon Netpeak Spider by accident and I'm not going to use anything else now – great experience! It allows me to kick-off my SEO project really quickly, because it's as powerfull as top programs on the market but very user-friendly.

Artur Jaskólski
Artur JaskólskiSEO Specialist at Coloplast

Netpeak Spider is an excellent tool to diagnose H-structure of the whole website. It gives a detailed report containing content and number of H1-H6 tags, missing tags, and more.

Ann Smarty
Ann SmartyFounder at
ColoplastFlatfyK5 LearningDigital360IgnitevisibilityMagicwareSeo-analyst.proDreamTeam

I use Netpeak Spider to improve URL structure of our websites, and the internal linking. I really enjoy the internal PageRank tool and the Sitemap Generator. Our QA team loves the fact that Spider is able to craw over a million pages in under 30 minutes.

Adrian Nikolov
Adrian NikolovHead of SEO at LuckyLabz

Netpeak Checker really changed my scraping process for pbns, it’s been picking up expired domains other programs (e.g Ahrefs) couldn’t. A small advantage in SEO really changes everything. I got a lot of high value domains. It blows my mind how detailed it is to be able to scrape what ahrefs/scrapebox missed out.

Victor MoreauBlogger at Monthsary

Looks like I will have new favorite SEO crawling tool. Testing it now on domain with ~800K active pages. Impressive update, Netpeak Software!

Łukasz Rogala
Łukasz RogalaOnline Marketing Consultant at

Netpeak Spider is faster than any competition. I use it to spot missing SEO titles, headings and description. Appreciate export to excel tables.

Martin DohnalFront End Developer at Magicware

I use Netpeak Spider to perform technical audits and view errors. By the way, visualization of problems is very good.

Alex RodríguezSEO Manager at
LeboutiquestarTech NormandyEpoch TimesGazeta.plOpirataAvilaEurocodersLuckyLabz

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