Netpeak Spider 3.12: GA4 integration and new version of .NET

Netpeak Spider 3.12: GA4 integration and new version of .NET

The Internet industry is constantly moving forward, even in the conditions of war on the territory of Ukraine. Netpeak Software also does not stand still and continues to develop its products no matter what. In particular, we are pleased to announce the release of a new major version of Netpeak Spider, the first since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian occupation forces. The new version is prepared for the integration with Google Analytics 4 and has an improved architecture of the application thanks to updating the .NET framework. However, let's talk about everything in turn.

1. Integration of GA4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is an updated version of GA that replaced Universal Analytics and was officially released in the fall of 2020. Google has now announced that the old version of Analytics will stop working on July 1, 2023. Historical data will be available for some time (tentatively until the end of 2023), but it will no longer collect new data.

We also decided to upgrade and added GA4 integration to Netpeak Spider. With a simple process, you can collect the data you need:

  • select the desired Google account and resource in the settings;
  • specify the period for which you need to download data;
  • select the type of devices from which the data came (if necessary).

In general, the process of setting up GA4 is almost no different from setting up the integration with Universal Analytics. (By the way, we have left the old version of Analytics for now so that you can download historical data and supplement your reports with it.)

Configuration of GA4 integration in Netpeak Spider

We removed the integration with Yandex.Metrica and replaced all blocks that previously contained data from this service with Universal Analytics data. Therefore, in the dashboard, error reports, and PDF report, you can use data from both versions of Google Analytics in parallel.

Click on images to enlarge and view in detail:
Netpeak Spider dashboard
Parameters in Netpeak Spider
Errors in Netpeak Spider
Report in Netpeak Spider

2. New version of .NET

In the new release, we updated the .NET root library (dotNet) to version 7, which fixed problems in the Netpeak Spider architecture. As a result of the update, the program has become more stable and reliable.

Using a more modern version of .NET will allow you to create new functionality in the future, which was not possible to implement in the old version. Also, due to the use of a new version of the framework, the builds will become larger, so the update will be a few seconds longer, which most users will hardly notice. In addition, we now recommend using a 64-bit version of Windows to get the most out of our products.

Products will not automatically update on 32-bit version of Windows. Please, download portable versions for x86 Windows by following these links: Launcher x86, Spider x86, Checker x86

3. What else we’ve been doing since the beginning of the war

Not a single release, as they say. Part of our team decided to defend Ukraine in the ranks of the Armed Forces, and the rest took up the development of the company in support of the country's economy. During this year, we managed to achieve a lot, in particular:

  • Many hypotheses were tested, which allowed us to improve our products. Through experimentation, data analysis, and user feedback, we were able to identify and implement new pricing and improvements that enhanced our product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Updated the team. We are happy to welcome new talented specialists who bring fresh ideas and new experience to our team.
  • We’ve successfully faced the difficulties and realities of life during war, like all Ukrainians. Despite all the troubles, power outages and heat, we’ve kept up our work capacity and focused on achieving our goals.
  • We launched Ukrainian-language localizations for all our products and created a Ukrainian-language version of the site. We understand the importance of the native language for users and have done everything possible to ensure the convenience and accessibility of our solutions for Ukrainian users.
  • Got into the TOP rating from SoftwareReviews. This is recognition of the quality of our work and confirmation of the resources we invest in each product. We are proud of this achievement and are committed to continuing to raise the bar even higher.

You can learn more about the social activities of Netpeak Software and Netpeak Group on the official Facebook page of our founding investor Artem Borodatyuk. There you will find a lot of interesting information about our projects, social initiatives, and cooperation with various organizations.

4. Conclusions

So, in the new version of Netpeak Spider, we implemented:

  • Integration with GA4 → you can now download traffic, conversions, goals, and additional data from GA4.
  • The new version of .NET → the program has become more stable and reliable, which is a solid foundation for creating new functionality in the future.

Share your impressions in the comments and leave your requests for new releases!