How to Write Guest Post on Our Blog

How to Write Guest Post on Our Blog

Our primary aim is to make our blog as useful as possible for our community. So we’re thrilled to work with our readers and users to discover interesting tips and lifehacks in SEO and digital marketing.

About Our Blog

Our readers are specialists in internet marketing and online business, owners of small and medium businesses, managers of internet projects, employees at marketing and advertising agencies.

Therefore, the most relevant topics for our blog are as follows – SEO, web development, digital marketing. We are ready to publish articles about it, but only if they reveal a truly topical issue.

If you don’t know what to write about but want to post on our blog, you can choose one of these topics ↓

1N lifehacks on using Google Search Console or Google Analytics
2How Netpeak Spider/Netpeak Checker help us to do something

What Will You Get?

Share your experience with thousands of readers and promote your company. Don't stay in the background, share your knowledge with our community to show what a great expert you are ;-) You can add all necessary information about yourself and your company to increase brand awareness.

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Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to start networking ;-)

All posts on our blog are promoted in social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Also, they can be added to our weekly newsletter.

And this is a good chance to get relevant and high-quality backlink.

Types of Articles We Love:

  • In-depth how to and step by step posts. We highly appreciate digging into specific examples and new developments in the industry. If you like your data and have found some interesting correlations, and tips cover it in the post and send us.
  • High-level industry trends. If you have high-level strategic advice that has helped you do your job better or transform the way your business operates, we'd love to check it out.

Read Our Guideline before Sending an Article

Here is a guideline to make our cooperation as easy as possible ;-)

  • Please do not send copy-pasted content. Your post should be unique and consist examples.
  • You can mention your brand or product but be native. Obviously PR posts will not be published on our blog. We don't publish self-promotional articles. If you want to collaborate with our PR team, feel free to drop a line to [email protected].
  • The easiest way to post a guest article is confirm your topic with our editor (just drop a line with your topic and outline of the post to → [email protected]).
  • Our editor reserves a right to edit your post according to our standards.
  • The post must be useful for readers.
  • The post should contain min 2000 characters and be readable (with screenshots, images for which you have a copyright license, lists, etc.).
  • The post should be well-structured (with headings and subheadings).
  • Send your post in Google Docs. Don’t forget to share access to your docs via link.

Don’t hesitate and feel free to write to our editor ([email protected]) and discuss details ;-)