How to Write Guest Post on Our Blog

How to Write Guest Post on Our Blog
You see this post, but you should know that we temporarily stop accepting guest posts.

Our aspiration at Netpeak Software is to make our blog as useful as possible for our community. So we’re thrilled to work with our readers and users to discover interesting tips and lifehacks in SEO and digital marketing.

  • About Our Blog
  • Types of Blog Posts We Are Currently Looking For
  • What Will You Get?
  • Before You Send Us Your Article...

About Our Blog

Our readers are SEO specialists and webmasters, link builders, marketing and content teams, web developers, sales teams, bloggers, owners of small and medium businesses, and internet project managers. This list is pretty chubby, as you may notice. That’s why we’ve structured our blog into categories to make sure our broad audience will find exactly what it seeks to:

  • How-To. We uncover broad SEO topics such as ‘backlinks’, ‘website structure’ ‘keyword research’, etc. Even though these blog posts can sound more like theory-centric, each of them explains how to get specific results while solving particular tasks.
  • Use Cases. Here, you can find step-by-step guides about using Netpeak Spider & Netpeak Checker.

    If you’re our user and eager to extend and enrich our blog with your article, we recommend opting for this category. Each use-case is a valuable perspective that helps us uncover how our users deal with certain tasks and elucidate the process for those who take the first steps in harnessing our products functionality. And yes, your blog post pitches will be considered out of turn 😉

  • Lists. Here, we gather lists of useful tools for various online marketing tasks, their rating, and side-by-side comparison.
  • From Experts. Here, we publish interviews with lead thinkers in the industry, high-brow researches, and most original opinions. So if you’re plugged-in in this stuff and love deep-diving into issues, this category is just for you.

Types of Blog Posts We Are Currently Looking For

Though you’ve already heedfully gone through our blog (haven’t you 😇?) and found out that a bunch of various topics has been covered, our current focus is narrowed down to SEO topics. Mostly so, it’s in-depth SEO tutorials. So we will be thrilled to publish blog posts about it, but only if they reveal a genuinely topical issue.

You can pitch in your own topic. Or you can comb through our blog and find content breaches and urgently email our editor about your findings → [email protected]

However, if you don’t know what to write about but are sparked with inspiration to post on our blog, you can drill down through these topics ↓

‘How to Optimize Large Websites (more than 100K URLs)’Uncover priorities of what, where, and why you should do first, second, and third.
‘Comparison of Different Ecommerce Website Structures: Coverage and Ranking Check’Compare 4-6 Ecommerce websites with a slight difference in website structure, describe which one is indexed better, which has a broader keyword list, what works better and what failed.
‘Subdomain vs. Subfolders: What's Better for SEO’

Yes, once and again, if you’re using Netpeak Spider and Checker, suggest nifty use cases – it works like a charm on us, so make it count 😉

What Will You Get?

Share your experience with thousands of readers and promote your company. Come to the fore and share your expertise with our community. You can add all the necessary information about yourself and your company to increase brand awareness.

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Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity to start networking 😉

All posts on our blog are promoted on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Also, they get in our weekly digest.

And this is a perfect chance to get a relevant and high-quality backlink.

Before You Send Us Your Article...

Go through the guidelines to make our collaboration a bumpless journey 😊

  • Please do not send copy-cat content. Your post should be unique, we’re wholly committed to this rule.
  • Provide examples. The blog post without examples looks dull and the readers are unlikely to have the tenacity to get to the end.
  • You can mention your brand or product but be native. Obviously, PR posts will not be published on our blog. We don't publish self-promotional articles. If you want to collaborate with our PR team, feel free to drop a line at [email protected].
  • The easiest way to post a guest article is to touch base with our blog editor Iryna → [email protected].
  • Our editor reserves the right to edit your post according to our editorial guidelines, or refuse to publish if the post is not up to the quality standards of our blog.
  • The post should contain min 2000 characters and be easy to read (with screenshots, lists, etc.).
  • Use images for which you have a copyright license and don’t insert them if you’re not sure whether you’re breaking the copyright infringement law or not.
  • If you provide image examples, make sure the image quality is decent. Grainy and blurry images are what we definitely steer clear of.
  • The post should be well-structured (with headings and subheadings).
  • Send your post in Google Docs. Don’t forget to share access to your docs via the link.
  • When everything is settled, our editor accepted your draft, and you’re waiting for a live link to your blog post, make sure you created your account on our website. That’s how it works – only if you have your profile, the editor can tag you as an author of the blog post. Here’s the link to signup.
  • Tweet the post and tag us. Yeah, it's a great way to spread the word across our communities and bridge them: a bet on the future of networking. Oh, and this step is required, so no excuses 😜

We’d love to hear from you, and especially our blog editor Iryna → [email protected].