How Does Web Hosting Impact Your Site? Checklist for Choosing the Right Hosting

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How Does Web Hosting Impact Your Site? Checklist for Choosing the Right Hosting

Sometimes when we start to promote our project, we create a great strategy that includes steps that we are going to do for increasing the site’s search engine position, but we don't pay attention to the process of choosing a suitable hosting. Because we don't understand what impact it has on our site.

If we want our site to run smoothly and bring us expectable outcomes, we shouldn't miss this crucial step. Why? Let’s figure it out!

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How Does Hosting Affect Your Site?

We know that web hosting is a place in the server which we can rent from hosting providers to show our site worldwide. We recommend you take a closer look at the main hosting features that can bring value to your project.

Position In Search Results

It is great if you spent plenty of time and effort on your site’s SEO optimization, but you can reach fewer results if your hosting provider has loads of downtime. If the search engine bot checked your site when it was down, it would have a bad impact on your site’s position. So be aware that your hosting provider should have at least 99.9% uptime and more to be sure that your site is up.


Downtimes affect not only search results, involving your target audience as well. The speed of our lives is high and nobody wants to wait a lot. We all put a lot of effort into promotion and spend plenty of time and money to get potential customers to come to our site. But at the same time, we completely missed that a site's slow download can make these ‘long-awaited’ customers leave.

Project Security

Today there is no room for hacked websites. Your chances to be on the search top fade away if it happened with your site. A big part of security issues hosting providers could take over, like DDoS protection, antivirus, etc. Such as offers full security protection for every plan at no extra charge. Site backups are part of the security guarantee. It let you restore your site after some issues. Further, we dig deeper into the value of creating backups.

How To Choose A Web Hosting Provider? Checklist.

The hosting market is oversaturated, and it is a complicated task to choose the right one. To save time and keep you calm, we have prepared for you a complete checklist of things to draw attention to before purchasing hosting.

Customer Support

Almost every hoster provider says that they have brilliant tech support. It can be true, but someone doesn't include support in a plan or can force customers to pay the priority support. So it is important to check their work. Ask them a few questions to understand the speed of the answer, the correctness, and the involvement in your issue. Sometimes they can handle only server issues and leave you alone to troubleshoot else related tasks.


When you are choosing a suitable plan, it is better to choose the number of resources according to your needs, but do not forget that your project will grow and there may be an increased load on the site during promotions. The best way to choose a worthwhile plan is to ask for technical support.

Hosting performance

It is important to determine how productive drives you need. If you are going to store data, then you should not overpay for the most efficient servers. But if you expect high performance and fast loading, you should consider plans for SSD or NVMe drives.


You had better host your site by choosing a web server that is located closer to your audience. If you are in Europe, but your product is supposed for customers from Asia for instance, you should choose a provider who has data centers in Asia and place your site nearer to your potential customers.

This is the best way to reduce delays in data exchange between your site and target visitors.


Backups have enormous value for every site owner. If you have never lost your site or some files by a miserable mistake, you can't catch the essential benefit of backups. We wish you don't experience such issues, but you have to be ready to fix everything. Creating backups is your safety and confidence that you can restore your site or some part files at every time.

Check the frequency of creating backups, and how long your hoster stores them. You can ask for some backup from your hoster and try to restore it. Figure out if everything runs smoothly.

Money-Back Guarantee

This is a guarantee that after purchasing the suitable hosting, you can test it. If it doesn't suit you for any reason, you can switch to another hosting provider without losing money. Pay attention to the terms and conditions of refunds. Some hosters offer, for example, returns only for annual plans and more, but for a month – this does not apply.

Wrapping up

Choosing web hosting is a significant moment to start running your project. If you purchase hosting from a bad quality provider, you may endanger yourself to fail your site promotion before you start to do. Use described tips to notice every pitfall that some hosting providers hide before ordering.