4 SEO Tools for Data Driven Content Writing: Comparison

4 SEO Tools for Data Driven Content Writing: Comparison

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in successful website promotion. Whether aiming at higher conversion rates or organic reach, improving your Core Web Vitals, or reaching any other SEO-related goals, you'll definitely need help from dedicated apps or web services.

In this post, we'll show you the most trusted and efficient SEO software that'll help you optimize your website's content, online performance, and authority online.

What is an SEO tool?

An SEO tool is a solution that helps you retrieve valuable information about multiple website parameters. In other words, they measure site efficiency: how well-optimized its content is, how fast your pages load, whether they rank for the top-quality keywords, and so on. Apart from that, SEO platforms can detect critical issues and even provide troubleshooting recommendations.

Of course, different tools serve different needs (e.g., rank trackers, keyword research tools, etc.), and it's always a good idea to combine them to achieve the best results. For instance, you can use both a content analyzer that helps you optimize your copy and a website crawler that shows your pages' rankings in search results.

But how do you know you've picked the right tool?

What makes a high-quality SEO software?

Since SEO tools can belong to different types and categories, it may seem hard to determine what makes them the best in business. To evaluate them as objectively as possible, you can refer to this list of quality criteria applicable to any app category.

  • SEO-centric functionality. Each tool must provide features related to particular aspects of SEO. It's best if such a tool belongs to one of the categories and specializes in a specific function: keyword analysis, on-page performance, troubleshooting, content ideation, or competitor analysis.
  • Value. How well does the price correspond with the tool's quality? SEO platforms or services with specific use cases should be helpful enough to justify subscription prices. Comprehensive tools should offer extensive feature suites that fit multiple user needs. And paid services, in general, should be more valuable than free ones.
  • User experience. How easy is the tool to integrate and utilize? It should be intuitive enough for users to access any feature they need without resorting to more familiar, less complex tools.
  • Integrations. Since digital marketers and website owners use multiple software products, integration is also key for SEO apps. Users should be able to conveniently integrate these services into other platforms for tasks like scheduling, reporting, and customer relationship management.

The top list of SEO tools you'll love

Now, let's skip to the most exciting part — below, you'll find the best SEO software that will fit your needs.

Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider


  • Intuitive interface
  • Detects and prioritizes over 100 SEO-related issues
  • Provides helpful troubleshooting tips
  • Fair pricing
  • Allows integrations with Google's analytical services


  • Only the beta version is available for macOS users
  • Not all features are available in a free trial

Pricing: Starter (starting at $84/year), Advanced (starting at $144/year), and Pro (starting at $264/year) for annual subscriptions.

Netpeak Spider is a powerful website crawler that allows you to quickly detect and eliminate website-related issues, both technical and on-page. It comes in handy when checking your pages' rankings, ensuring your site's high and efficiency performance, and tracking your SEO progress in real-time.

Thanks to the ability to integrate data from Google Analytics and Search Console, you can enrich your research data and streamline performance reporting. There, you'll get an interactive dashboard where you can conveniently filter and segment the data, analyze the essential parameters, add new ones or replace them with others at any time, and prioritize detected issues based on their criticality.

It's fast, handy, and straightforward to use. To retrieve all the website data you need, you only need to create and paste the list of links into the search bar, select the necessary metrics, and click "Start."

Netpeak Spider is now available for macOS and Windows users. So, you can work with it on any comfortable PC.


11 Best SEO Tools in 2024: the Ultimate List


  • A high-quality generative AI assistant
  • Extensive suite of SEO analytical services
  • Complex content optimization features


  • Unclear pricing for the lowest and highest tiers
  • Pricey middle-tier plans
  • Bare interface

Pricing: Essentials (custom), Core (starting at $3,000/month), Professional (starting at $4,500/month), Agency (by request).

seoClarity is a multi-purpose tool that provides a wide range of general SEO and content optimization features — it even has its own AI-powered assistant.

seoClarity provides services like rank monitoring, insights on search trends and actionable diagnostics, performance scoring, page error checkups, competitor analysis, topic exploration, and many more. Moreover, seoClarity features a powerful suite of content creation and optimization tools.

However, what's really impressive about seoClarity is its Intelligent Assistant Sia, a GPT-powered feature that helps writers create well-optimized content. Sia helps you automatically generate post titles and meta descriptions, generate outlines, and expand individual sections into complete text. 11 Best SEO Tools in 2024: the Ultimate List



  • Simplistic AI integrations
  • Unique insights
  • Direct content export to WordPress


  • Fairly pricey
  • The Surfer AI feature is charged by article

Pricing: Essential ($89/month), Advanced ($179/month), Max ($299/month), Enterprise (custom).

Surfer is primarily an SEO auditing tool, but many professionals also use it for keyword research. However, its compelling AI features will be an even bigger draw for many users. It offers a five-tool suite comprising keyword research, content editor, audit, domain planner, and a SERP analyzer. At first, it might seem just like any other set of tools most SEO software and tools offer. However, what makes them more actionable is an integrated AI algorithm.

For example, the Keyword Research tool breaks down topic ideas into clusters and organizes them by user intent. Thanks to that, you can drop in an outline, write the whole article, and optimize any copy you need. You can even collaborate with team members or export your copy directly to WordPress. And that's just a small part of what you can do using Surfer and its AI integration.

Netpeak Checker


  • Multiple integrations available
  • Extensive analytical capabilities
  • Easy to use
  • Fairly priced


  • Only available for Windows

Pricing: Starter (starting at $96/year), Advanced (starting at $264/year), and Pro (starting at $360/year) for annual subscriptions.

Netpeak Checker is a complex, powerful software for SEO analysis that lets you check as many parameters as you need. Thanks to its ability to integrate over 25 different SEO services (including Moz, Ahrefs, Semrush, etc.), you can see the stats for 400+ different metrics.

The tool also enables custom SERP scraping for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, lets you run bulk cache index checkups and search for contact data on requested websites. Thanks to Netpeak Checker, you can estimate your website's traffic, run efficient competitor analysis, and even run batch Core Web Vitals checks.

The tool is pretty easy to use and requires no specific skills to handle properly. Simply paste the list of required URLs and let the app do its job. 11 Best SEO Tools in 2024: the Ultimate List



  • Effective SEO analysis
  • Wide range of tools for analyzing specific SEO aspects
  • Reasonable pricing


  • A limited suite of troubleshooting tools
  • Most tools are too simplistic

Pricing: DIY SEO ($19/month), White Label ($29/month), White Label & Embedding ($59/month).

SEOptimer detects SEO performance issues on a website or a specific page and includes several basic tools to help react to them.

This tool gives you an overview of where your page might lose traffic. SEOptimer generates these assumptions on on-page indicators, backlinks, UX, overall performance, and social media connectivity. You'll also receive recommendations for solving each problem and improving your rankings in search results. These tips are always insightful, specific, and actionable.

In addition, you can enjoy plenty of additional tools for analyzing specific features like favicons, font sizes, noindex and canonical tags, SERP presentation, and keyword ranking. 11 Best SEO Tools in 2024: the Ultimate List



  • Accurate, real-time ranking insights
  • Detailed keyword analytics
  • Less expensive than Semrush


  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • No free trial
  • Limited integrations
  • The tool suite is mainly related to analysis and / or monitoring

Pricing: Lite ($99/month), Standard ($199/month), Advanced ($399/month), Enterprise ($999/month).

Ahrefs is considered a premium SEO ranking tool with excellent capabilities for running a quality competitor analysis.

With Ahrefs, you can monitor particular pages or domains, check their keyword rankings, run website audits, and explore historical ranking data via customizable charts. The tool is also great for backlink analytics, keyword tracking, and content planning. One of its most outstanding features is Content Explorer — it helps you find the best content ideas and generate content that ranks high in organic search.

Overall, Ahrefs helps businesses develop and deploy an effective SEO strategy, make more informed SEO decisions, and generally helps you use your team's time and marketing resources more efficiently. 11 Best SEO Tools in 2024: the Ultimate List



  • In-depth content insights
  • Keyword discovery enabled
  • Page performance tracking option available


  • Limited tool suite
  • Premium pricing
  • Monthly credit allotment

Pricing: Essentials ($170/month), Business (custom), Enterprise (custom).

Clearscope almost exclusively aims at content optimization and generating dedicated reports.

The tool provides a special template where you can start writing, paste the text from an existing post, or even extract content from a target URL. There, you'll also find an overall content rank, its readability score, and a comprehensive list of related keywords.

Besides content optimization, Clearscope offers some useful performance analysis features that help evaluate the performance of your entire website and individual web pages. The analysis is based on key metrics like traffic, links, and SEO value.


11 Best SEO Tools in 2024: the Ultimate List


  • Turns videos into blog posts
  • Multiple content management capabilities
  • A unique Find and Replace feature that changes internal links in batches


  • Limited features
  • Reporting and diagnostic tools need advancement

Pricing: by request.

Letterdrop is a multi-purpose tool that partly works as a content management service, partly as an SEO auditor, and partly as a keyword research tool. However, its most unique feature is its integration of content automation.

Letterdrop connects to your website or selected blog posts to give rich insights into on-page performance. Moreover, it not only analyzes but also helps you optimize your pages. Thanks to its internal linking features, you can replace internal links, integrate links into keywords, and fix broken links in bulk.

If you need to create a new copy, this SEO tool offers content suggestions and relevant keywords. It also comes with eight blog templates — however, it also allows you to create your own. Another standout feature of this tool is the ability to create blog posts out of video content. Letterdrop transcribes the video and adjusts the copy to fit your chosen template structure.


11 Best SEO Tools in 2024: the Ultimate List


  • In-depth keyword insights
  • Efficient content ideation tools
  • The wide variety of content analysis tools


  • Premium pricing
  • Limited reporting capabilities

Pricing: Content Creation ($199/month), PR & Comms ($299/month), Suite ($499/month), Enterprise ($999/month).

BuzzSumo is a keyword research tool that enables high-quality search trend reporting, generation of content topics, and SERP monitoring. It's more feature-rich than AnswerThePublic but comes at a price tag comparable to all-in-one suites.

This SEO software possesses a powerful keyword tool that provides you with a list of basic CPC and volume metrics, a handy "Articles Published" metric to evaluate the competition, and volume trends. Each keyword suggestion comes with its own profile featuring question concepts, article ideas, and detailed search volume charts.

In addition, you can run content monitoring, create outreach resources, generate an automatic content brief, and analyze web page content together with YouTube publications, Facebook pages, and backlinks.


11 Best SEO Tools in 2024: the Ultimate List


  • Extremely affordable
  • Unique data visualization options
  • Search trend monitoring and alerts


  • Keyword research data limitations
  • Only the search data for Google, YouTube, and Bing is available

Pricing: Individual ($9/month or $99 lifetime), Pro ($99/month), Expert ($199/month).

AnswerThePublic is a search engine optimization program that provides access to valuable search insights based on user search behavior. The way the tool presents and segments data helps marketers and SEO specialists better understand user intent.

AnswerThePublic gives you an instant overview of the volume and CPC of a given search query. It also comprehensively visualizes how well this query ranks regarding the volume potential and transactional intent. The tool shows dynamic wheel visualizations based on frameworks for questions, prepositions, and comparisons.

Google's SEO tools

Of course, some of the most popular and authoritative SEO optimization tools are developed by Google. Here's a brief description of its free services you can use at any time to evaluate your website's online performance:

  • Google Trends — lets you discover global search trend insights to capitalize on timely queries.
  • Google Keyword Planner — a simple Google Ads tool to explore CPC keyword ideas and research multiple query stats.
  • Google Analytics — a tool that links to your domain to provide detailed site performance insights.
  • Google Search Console — an analytical and reporting tool that lets you optimize your website's content.

Final thoughts

Each SEO tool brings its own unique benefits and limitations, and they all present data in different ways. By combining several tools, you can harness their strengths to ensure maximum optimization efficiency and gain comprehensive insights across a wide range of metrics. This approach empowers you to take control of your website's performance and make informed decisions based on a wealth of data.

Although it may seem inconvenient, there's still a solution that can help. You remember that Netpeak Checker can integrate over 20 different SEO tools — why not add them all there? If you have paid subscriptions to services like Ahrefs, you can easily integrate their APIs and monitor data from one convenient location.

Or, like with Netpeak Spider, you can integrate data from Google's services to keep track of high-performing keywords, traffic sources, and user behavior.

Whatever SEO platforms you pick, the main point is that they must fit your optimization (and business) needs, analyze the data you find the most essential for streamlining your strategy, and be convenient to use. Choose responsibly and improve your site performance with maximum efficiency!