Unexpected Content Digest about SEO: Vol.3

Unexpected Content Digest about SEO: Vol.3

Meet our monthly digest where I've gathered search engines' news, interesting articles, funny tweets and use cases on our tools.

Search Engine News (January-February 2019)

Unexpected content digest vol.3: Search engine news


  • SEO community has noticed fluctuations in the Google rankings starting on February 22nd. Read more and check out the data from the automated tracking tools in the post on Search Engine Roundtable.
  • A new report for 'Products' is now available in Search Console for sites that use schema.org structured data markup to annotate product information. The report allows you to see any pending issues for markup on your site.
  • Google has published a new whitepaper in an attempt to show us how they are fighting against disinformation in the search results. Also, the document describes how Google assesses E-A-T.


  • Bing announced that they have increased the ability to submit URLs to their search engine by 1,000X from 10 URLs per day to 10,000 URLs per day.
  • Christi Olson, Bing's head of search evangelism for Search Engine Land, confirmed that they hope that publishers begin submitting content to their search engine. It is inefficient and resource intensive for both Bing and the publishers for Bing to crawl their sites.

Digging into SEO

Unexpected content digest vol.3: Digging into SEO
  • Updates to Google Search Console are coming fast. Even for the most attentive SEO professionals, it can be hard to keep on top of all of the latest developments. So check out the digest of its latest updates.
  • I've mentioned above that Google published a new whitepaper 'Fighting disinformation across our products'. If you don't have time to sort it out, read essentials by Marie Haynes. She described how can SEO's use this information.
  • Nick Eubanks published a solid post on keyword research which was originally published as a paid product in 2015. Now it's available for free.
  • Our content marketer Alexandra Metiza precisely researched all information about SEO trends for 2019 and summed it up in her detailed review. Find out new trends and 2018 trends that are still valid in 2019.

About Netpeak Software Products

Unexpected content digest vol.3: About Netpeak Software products
  • Guys from BloggingPro have described technical SEO for copywriters. You'll find out how to make users and search engines like your content and how to find and solve all main technical issues using Netpeak Spider.
  • If you're a WordPress site owner this post is a must-read for you. Here you'll find a list of 10 key technical SEO aspects you need to handle.

Twitter Chatter

Unexpected content digest vol.3: Twitter Chatter

Now let's go to the fun part of our digest. BrightonSEO asked their followers on Twitter to write a sad SEO story in 3 words. So I've listed the top of sad SEO stories (in my humble opinion) here ;)

And the classic one:

That's the end of our February digest and, traditionally, you can vote to show your attitude to this post.

If you think that I’ve missed something important, let me know about it in the comments below and I’ll add it to the digest :)