The Key Basics of Link Building Strategies: What You Should Look at

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The Key Basics of Link Building Strategies: What You Should Look at

Here’s a typical story for most website owners and SEO experts: you've agreed to cover your client's content on a top-notch source within a high-performing article or page. Yet, you can't find the link to your client.

In this post, we'll share some handy link building methods and tips on reaching out to journalists who haven't linked to your own or your client's content on their website.

When is it appropriate to catch up after an article goes live?

You must first remember to reach out to a journalist or editor as quickly as possible after the article goes live. Thus, they'll be able to process your request faster, so only a few viewers won't be able to see the link to your website. An acceptable period within which you can approach someone for a link is one week after the article goes live. You should also consider the topic's relevance at that time.

Make sure a target link adds value

Before asking someone to add a link to your or your client's website, think if it would add value to the article, whether there's more useful information, and whether this link would help view, sort, and filter data more quickly. If not, your chance of getting that link on the website won't be that high.

And that's the second SEO link strategy: always provide at least a couple of reasons for why your link should be included in the piece — this will show you from a more professional side and ensure a source owner your site is a quality one.

Ensure you’re reaching out to the right person

To avoid any kind of confusion, always make sure you approach the right person. Several people can be responsible for publishing a content piece on a website, yet some of them may not be related to adding links to the copy, and you might stumble upon them at times.

Better double-check with the digital editor or a person you've contacted whether they should have this covered.

Agree to add a link right away

If you see a particular web source has positively reacted to your content placement pitch, it would be an excellent moment to ask for adding a link there, too. A brief, subtle request would be enough — don't forget to add some reasoning behind that, and you should be fine.

Websites that don’t link out

Pay attention to which sites you're reaching out to. Some sources never link out, so it would make sense not to chase up links there. You can try your luck, as some platforms might eventually agree. However, it's not worth trying to reassure the source that's rejected your request once because it may ruin your relationship with a website.

Where the link should point to

Usually, the best place to point a link to is the subsequent page on your domain. However, there are other options. For instance, this can be a bio page of the spokesperson on your or your client's site. Or, perhaps, a product page promoting a particular item or service or an FAQ section if you want users to learn more about how your business operates or processes orders. Pointing to a highly-ranking how-to article can also be a good option.

How can you optimize your link building strategies with Netpeak Checker?

To ensure you're trying to promote high-quality links that point to any of your website's pages, you should run regular checkups to see if they're worth promoting via link building methods. To help you detect the best-performing links and those that need improvement, Netpeak Checker would be one of your best options.

Here are more tips from our team on how and where to post backlinks for free.

Social media

Using backlinks in your accounts and posts and leaving helpful comments with backlinks on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be extremely useful. Of course, you should regularly maintain and improve your social media profiles to promote your website's content there. This will show your high level of authority and professionalism.

Social websites

Sites like Reddit, Digg, or Quora combine the functionality of forums and the level of interaction of social platforms. You can share backlinks in posts and comments here if your company's subjects and goals correspond to the platform's focus.


The backlinks posted in comments and discussions of thematic forums are considered valuable on forums if users share them.

Such a type of link placement is also known as crowd marketing. To make sure this method works, you must consider the community rules to avoid administration penalties.

Aggregator websites

Aggregator websites gather and categorize information, goods, and services from different providers in one convenient location: for example, a marketplace or a product aggregator.

For example, register your cosmetics store and its products on a marketplace where other businesses also share their items. There, it's also possible to place an ad for your products or services, which will get you a high-quality, relevant link (if you pick a trusted, well-known marketplace).

Now, we can get to strategies to help you build free backlinks:

Competitor backlink analysis

Having the data on the link donors of your competitors, it'll be easier for you to find excellent options for adding your backlinks for free.

Working with influencers

Influential people, opinion leaders, or communities are also a great way to promote your links. In this case, consider these two things:

  • The topic of a post you want to share should match the preferences of that person's target audience.
  • The potential donor must be interested in presenting your product or service to their community.

Search for content creators who make quality reviews on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Offer them a valuable incentive, and they may agree to show and describe your product, give you a backlink, or even create a commercial.

Guest posting

This is a kind of digital barter when you agree with the domain owner to publish your link and, at the same time, you place a response b to the donor's website on your page. To avoid losing link equity, it's possible to hide the outgoing link to another site thanks to the "nofollow" attribute.

As you see, there are plenty of opportunities to get your links posted on other sources, including social media, forums, and other partnering websites. To conclude it all, here are the main conclusions that will help you implement the link building best practices for your business:

  1. Consider the popularity and reputation of platforms for posting links;
  2. Check on potential link donors via dedicated services;
  3. Utilize several donor sites and various content types;
  4. Don't forget to use social media, but remember to respect the communities;
  5. Monitor the link posting rule changes to avoid getting penalties from search engines;
  6. Remember that paid options can sometimes be more profitable and effective when using free backlinks.

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Having your website featured on a trusted source or in a high-performing article is a significant reach boost for your business. This can potentially lead to higher conversions and clientele growth. Try some of the backlink building techniques we've mentioned in this article to feel the difference. And, of course, to help you make sure your link building strategy works out just fine, use Netpeak Checker for regular website checks and improving your website's SEO right away!