How to fix the err_internet_disconnected in just 8 steps

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How to fix the err_internet_disconnected in just 8 steps


  2. Most widely-spread ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED reasons
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What do you feel when you see the err_internet_disconnected message - a notification you see when you can’t connect to the Internet? Is it frustration, anger, or hopelessness? Fortunately, you can fix this issue with the right tools and a little bit of time. After reading this blog post, you’ll know how Netpeak Spider will help restore your Internet connection in just eight steps.


ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED chrome no internet appears when there are some issues with the connection or your device, so the server can’t send data to your browser. The reasons may be different. For example, there may be some general computer issues, web server problems, or changes in network settings. Let’s review the reasons for disconnected internet in more detail. Here’s what google chrome there is no internet connection message looks like.

unable to connect to the Internet

Most widely-spread ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED reasons

In most cases, no Internet Chrome message occurs when there are problems on the client-side (Internet connection). Here is why err-internet-disconnected may happen.

Problems with your router

Sometimes, the router can be overheated or unplugged. This is the most common and the easiest to fix the reason for the issues with an Internet connection.

  • VPN servers

If you have installed a VPN in your browser, good for you! However, sometimes, there may be issues with VPN servers that may influence your Internet connection and cause net err_internet_disconnected.

  • Antivirus programs blocking the connections

The same thing with antivirus programs. They can identify some websites as a threat and block access to them.

  • Outdated browser cache

If you haven’t cleared the cache for a long time, it can become a reason for Internet connection problems, as the information stored in the cache may be outdated.

  • Improper IP configuration

If set correctly, IP settings allow computers to connect to the Internet. If it’s set incorrectly, you may encounter connection problems.


If you know the exact steps to take, fixing problems with an Internet connection is not as difficult as it might seem. Read further to learn about eight ways to fix err_internet_disconnected.

Step 1. Ensure Your Internet Connection Is Stable

First of all, you need to check if the problem with the internet connection appears on each divide and browser. If you still can’t connect to the Internet, try to reload your router, or if you’re using Wi-fi, ensure that the network is active. If none of this helps, let’s move to the next steps.

Step 2. Change Your LAN Settings

Sometimes, your LAN settings may be changed automatically, so you need to adjust them again. In your LAN settings, you’ll need to uncheck using a proxy server from LAN. The reason is that though proxies mask your IP address and protect your privacy, they can also lead to overloading.

Here’s how to turn off connection to Proxy on Windows to fix err_internet_disconnected windows 10.

  • Go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Internet Options.
  • Open the Connections tab.
  • Choose the LAN settings option.
  • Uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN.
  • Check Automatically detect settings. LAN settings

    If you're a MAC user, do the following. Navigate to System Preferences -> Network. Pick your active internet connection. Open the Advanced settings and go to Proxies. Under Select a protocol to configure, uncheck all protocols and click O

    LAN settings on mac

    Step 3. Get Rid Of WLAN Profiles

    How to fix network exceptions? Wireless network profiles contain all the details your computer needs to connect to the network, such as passwords, security keys, and other settings. Sometimes, these profiles may contain incorrect or outdated information and block your access to the Internet.

    To delete your WLAN profiles on Windows, click the button in the bottom left corner of the screen and select Change Wi-Fi settings from the search result.

    Wi-fi settings

    Then, select Manage known networks.

    manage networks

    After that, you’ll see all the wireless networks you’ve connected to. Find the network. Select the Wi-Fi profile you want to delete and select. Forget to delete the profile. After that, restart your computer and check if chrome says no internet again.

    Manage wi-fi settings

    To fix err_internet_disconnected macbook, head to System Preferences > Network, click on WiFi in the sidebar, and then select Advanced. Choose the network that you want to delete and click on– icon.

    delete network

    Step 4. Turn Off Your Antivirus Software

    Besides protecting you from viruses, antivirus software may interfere with your Internet connection and block it. Try to pause the antivirus software to see if it’s the reason.

    On Windows, navigate to Control Panel > Programs > Programs & Features > Choose your antivirus software and uninstall it.

    Virus software settings

    Here are the instructions for Mac.

    • Navigate to Spotlight search box
    • Type the name of the antivirus software you are using
    • Locate the term Stop or Disable
    • Tap the function and on confirmation hit “Yes” or “OK.”

    Step 5. Turn Your Firewall Off

    A firewall is a network security device that monitors traffic on your computer and filters it based on a defined set of security factors. Sometimes, it can also block your network and to check if it’s true, try to disable Firewall.

    On Windows, navigate to your Control Panel by pressing the Windows Key, click on System & Security > Windows Defender Firewall.

    Firewall disabling

    Step 6. Clear Your Cache

    If you haven’t cleared the cache for a long time, it may also terminate internet sessions. That’s why it’s important to regularly clear your cache data. Go to the History in your browser settings and choose Privacy and Security. It will help you fix error retrieving data center connection quality information.

    how to clear browsing data

    From there, choose what type of data you want to clear (in this case, cached images and files) and click on the Clear data button.

    delete cached images and files

    Step 7. Reset the TCP/ IP/ DNS Configuration

    To reset your IP address and TCP on Windows, press the Windows Key + S to search for a command prompt. After that you need to type the following commands to reset TCP and IP.

    reset IP configuration

    Run the command by heating the enter and restart your computer.

    Step 8. Renew Your Windows Drivers

    Sometimes, the problem with the Internet connection may be caused by the device, not a browser. To fix this, you’ll need to update your Windows drivers.

    Open the Search bar and enter “device manager”, click on the device you’d like to update and select search for drivers automatically.

    how to update Windows driversautomatically detect drivers

    Windows will search for an updated driver and install it. If there are no drivers that need to be installed, all your drivers are up to date then.

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