Discovering the Competitor's Backlink Profile - Eight Questions and One Practical Case by PRNEWS.IO

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Discovering the Competitor's Backlink Profile - Eight Questions and One Practical Case by PRNEWS.IO

If you are reading this, it probably falls into one of three categories: you have either initiated your own business, you aspire to do so, or your occupation requires you to keep tabs on competitors. In any case, your intention is to ensure you are on the correct path and poised to outperform them.

At PRNEWS.IO, the world's pioneering marketplace for sponsored content in media, we come across businesses daily that confront competitive hurdles and endeavor to create fair competition. Hence, the guidance provided below is a concise and actionable summary of the knowledge we have gained over our 15 years of experience.

But first, let's clarify…

Competitors - Divine Punishment or the Key to Improvement?

Let's respond with a quote from the alchemist, physician, and philosopher Paracelsus: "All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; the dosage alone makes it so a thing is not a poison." Neglecting to monitor, analyze, and strive to outperform your competitors may lead to a lack of appreciation for competition, and you might even wish for their failure. Nevertheless, if you perceive competition as a means to improve, it transforms into a potent remedy for your business - not a magical cure, but a remarkably effective one.

Let's envision a scenario where you have a clear understanding of who your competitor is. What are the essential 8 inquiries you must regularly ask yourself and seek answers to each week to ensure you stay informed about their activities and steadily improve, ultimately outperforming them?

Important Note: For those seeking practical guidance and ready to take swift action, they can easily find the "Practical Case" section within the article. In this section, a step-by-step guide awaits, detailing how to effectively replicate the competitor's media coverage.

Unveiling the Top 8 Marketing Strategies of Your Competitor

Do I analyze key competitor metrics and track their dynamics?

Having access to competitor's revenue, customer contacts, and business profitability data would be highly beneficial. However, even having insights into their organic traffic would be sufficient.

Utilize web analytics tools such as Netpeak Spider, Netpeak Checker, or Serpstat to explore the external links pointing to your competitor's website. Identify the websites that are linking to them and pinpoint their most popular pages. Assess whether you have similar page types on your website and if you can replicate their link-building strategy.

Am I monitoring my competitor's social media closely enough? Do I know their current Engagement Rate (ER)?

In the contemporary business environment, social media serves as more than just a marketing communication channel; it holds a pivotal role in driving sales, fostering communities, and captivating potential customers with products.

It is essential to thoroughly examine your competitor's social media accounts and scrutinize the type of content they share. Pay close attention to which posts resonate the most with their audience and compute their Engagement Rate (ER).

ER, short for Engagement Rate, is a metric that gauges the level of audience interaction with online content. To calculate it, divide the number of interactions (such as likes, comments, shares, and link clicks) by the total number of content views, and then multiply by 100.

The result is presented as a percentage and indicates the proportion of the audience actively engaging with the content. A higher Engagement Rate signifies greater activity and interaction from users on the posts.

Do I know how many articles about the competitor appear on the internet each month?

Explore guest publications. Look into the websites and blogs where your competitor has guest posts. Consider proposing your own articles for publication on those same platforms.

You can set up Google Alerts to monitor mentions of your competitor's brand, which can provide valuable insights. Also, configure alerts for mentions of your own brand - it won't hurt and could be beneficial.

What insights do I have regarding the competitor's content strategy?

Examine the various types of content the competitor publishes, both on their website and other platforms. Strive to create similar yet distinctive content that offers equal value and appeals to the audience's attention.

Am I closely following their footsteps?

Participate in communities: Join groups and forums where your competitors are active. Follow the same Instagram accounts as your competitor. Pay attention to the questions they answer and the links they recommend.

Examine the comments: Read the comments on blogs, articles, and social media posts related to your competitor. These comments often include links to other relevant resources.

Have I tried to involve the same influencers as my competitor?

Get in touch with influencers and microbloggers. Build relationships with celebrities and influencers who partner with your competitor. Propose the idea of collaboration with them. Identify individuals from your target audience who manage blogs on social media and have a modest but relevant following.

Am I aware of the business partners my competitor is associated with?

Examine their affiliate programs: Investigate the affiliate programs that your competitor is involved in and the links they share with their partners.

Am I monitoring my competitors' PR approach?

Explore their PR strategy: Analyze their press releases, articles, and other publications that pertain to your competitor. Consider employing similar strategies to promote your own brand.

How to obtain the same media coverage as your competitor within 2–3 days without stressing out. Follow these five simple steps.

In today's marketing landscape, one of the most critical factors is the perception of your brand by others. While mentions on social media hold significance, being featured in professional media outlets elevates your brand to a whole new level. Eventually, every brand desires to have articles written about them in newspapers and reputable news websites.

If you already have a prominent competitor gaining media coverage, we have a precise method to expedite this process significantly. However, your complete attention is needed for the next 10 minutes.

It's as simple as an orange. All you require is a competitor, a list of their backlinks, and the PRNEWS.IO service. Then, follow these 5 straightforward steps.

1. Register in PRNEWS.IO

create account in PRNews

During the registration process, complete the essential details and ensure you provide an accurate phone number - you'll find it beneficial. Then, proceed with a brief survey about your roles within the company and the tasks you aim to accomplish.

This process is swift, convenient, and entirely hassle-free.

2. Activate the PRO version of your account

activate Pro version

Typically, the service is a paid subscription costing $100 per month, given its numerous impressive features. However, you can explore options to obtain a PRO account at a significantly lower price. Such opportunities exist.

3. Upload all competitors' links to the Balk site checker

To access the Bulk Site Checker, click on the gear icon located near the shopping cart. In the pop-up window that appears, choose the link labeled "Bulk Site Checker." Then, add all the websites linking to your competitors into the new window.

Upload all competitors' links

As you might have guessed, you should already have this list downloaded from any link analysis service. Essentially, it's a comprehensive compilation of domains that link to your competitor.

4. Press the NEXT button and get ready for the magic effects

Press the NEXT button

In this instance, among the 400+ domains linking to our competitors, we swiftly identified 46 in our database. This implies that over 10% of the competitor's links are available for purchase with just one click from us.

This is incredibly convenient. You have the option to select all the media outlets at once or only those that align with your current budget. For instance, you can choose websites with a millionth traffic or with a specific suitable DR score from Ahrefs.

5. You still have the ability to improve this world, but it's not obligatory.


If you are certain that some media sites in the list of domains are missing from the "No match" tab but should be in our catalog, promptly select them and submit a request to add them through our manager.

While we cannot guarantee that 100% of them will be added, there is a genuine possibility that they will be available in our catalog after a while.

Alternatively, you can skip the last step and proceed directly to the shopping cart with the chosen media, make the payment for the publications, and within 2-3 days, you will witness news and articles about your business featured in some of the most visited media outlets worldwide.

In Closing

Competitors play a positive role by making you more vigilant and improving your business. Each day, question yourself, "Am I on the right track?" and every week, go through the list of 8 questions mentioned in this article. Remember that theory without practice holds little value, so take action by uploading links from your competitor and utilizing Bulk Site Checker from PRNEWS.IO to obtain valuable insights.