How To Fix AMP is 4xx Not Found — Most Efficient Tips

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How To Fix AMP is 4xx Not Found — Most Efficient Tips


  1. What is "AMP is 4xx Not Found"?
  2. Most common triggers for the "AMP is 4xx not found" issue
  3. How to remove AMP errors: 2 possible solutions
  4. How to fix "AMP is 4xx Not Found Issue” With Netpeak Spider?
  5. Conclusion

You receive notifications about the occurring AMP errors when the requested URL is an AMP page link that wasn't found and thus shows a 4xx code.

What is "AMP is 4xx Not Found"?

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are an open-source technology used for mobile devices. It positively impacts the website’s rankings in search engines and the user experience on a given page. Also, with the low network speed, users can still browse the required page much faster than usual. When you see the issue with AMP links, this means the requested page is unavailable.

This issue is considered a critical one, and fixing it should be a top priority. In this post, we will cover the possible solutions to this problem and show how you can detect them in the future using Netpeak Spider.

Most common triggers for the "AMP is 4xx not found" issue

If the AMP page is unavailable, there might be several reasons for that:

  • The user may have entered the URL that contains a mistake or typo. Hence, the page is giving a 4xx code;
  • There was a failure to access the link due to technical maintenance on the website.
  • The webmaster removed the page or changed its URL.

How to remove AMP errors: 2 possible solutions

In order to remove AMP errors, you can try one of the tips below.

Make sure the tag aims to the correct AMP page

Add a relevant tag to a given AMP page.

It is a tough call to check all the tags manually. So, you'll need a crawling tool to automate the process and make it more time-efficient. For that purpose, you can try Netpeak Spider — a tool that checks any number of URLs in just a few moments.

Check that the page returns an HTTP 2xx response code

Check if the page returns a 2xx status code so it starts working correctly.

Make sure that accelerated mobile page URLs are available for indexing and give up the 2xх code. Also, you'll need to check if it's accessible to users and search engine robots. You can verify this using a dedicated crawling tool as well.

How to fix "AMP is 4xx Not Found Issue” With Netpeak Spider?

Solving the AMP errors requires checking multiple URLs. Do it faster by delegating this task to a crawling tool. Netpeak Spider is a powerful, multi-purpose app that allows you to do that.

Netpeak Spider

The app can scan the website to detect over 100 known issues and offer valid solutions to them. You'll also find out more about the threats each issue carries and get a list of useful links to read more about the matter.

To start working with Netpeak Spider, you'll only have to prepare the list of URLs you need to check and paste them to a dedicated in-app tab and initiate the crawling process. In a few moments, you'll see a detailed report on all the AMP errors there are on your website.

Types of issues you can detect via Netpeak Spider.

There are several possible issues you'll find:

  • Wrong AMPHTML format of pages that doesn't meet the AMP project documentation standards;
  • Compliant AMP pages with no canonical instructions for the desktop version;
  • Client errors that indicate a URL returning a 4xxHTTP status code.

Detect critical AMP-related errors with Netpeak Spider.

For any of these issues, you'll also find what you can do to solve them. For instance, Nepteak Spider can recommend you to remove AMP from URL to set up a proper format for the link and try implementing it once again, edit the AMP page format, or set up a canonical instruction for it.

It's necessary to run regular website checkups to react to various issues promptly. Analyzing target URLs with Netpeak Spider is fast and easy, so it's definitely worth a try.

Netpeak Spider


The AMP is 4xx not Found is a critical issue that affects a website’s search engine ranking. If you neglect this response code and don't correct it immediately, your site can lose a significant search traffic share.

To detect and resolve an error with AMP links, try Netpeak Spider. The app will show you problems with the existing links and offer helpful tips on troubleshooting them. If any such issues reappear in the future, Netpeak Spider will easily detect them in just a few minutes. Try the app today and ensure high search engine rankings and efficient SEO strategy for your website!