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Key features of Netpeak Spider White Label Reporting

Let’s review the main features of White Label Reporting by Netpeak Spider and the benefits you’ll get with this tool.

SEO audit in PDF format

Get a detailed SEO audit of your website in PDF format and improve your rankings and user experience with our white label seo dashboard.
seo report in pdf

Enabling White label

By using this Netpeak Spider whitelabel reporting feature, you will remove Netpeak brand elements from the technical SEO audit report and add your logo, contacts, and recommendations for your client. Make the report match your company branding and raise awareness about your services. Also, you can use white label marketing dashboard to create white label internet marketing reports.
white label report

Adding custom logos

You can add custom logos to our labeled dashboard in PNG, JPG, or SVG format. Here are the general guidelines: horizontal orientation, for PNG and JPG - the image size is no less than 1000*120 px (with a higher resolution, the logo will be automatically reduced, preserving proportions). For SVG, there is no required size, as images are scaled automatically.
adding custom logo

Adding custom contact details

Add your contact information to our white label reporting tool, so your client can easily reach out to you for consultation. The contact information will be displayed on the title and last page of the Technical SEO audit, as well as in the header and footer of each page. To add the last page with contacts, you need to fill in at least one contact field.
custom contact details

Enabling comment section

By enabling the comment section in white label analytics, you’ll add content that will be displayed in the last section of the white label report. It can be anything from a simple comment to a commercial proposal. Use HTML and CSS to format the content.
comment section

Create branded customizable reports with Netpeak White Label Reporting Dashboard

Add your contact details, logo, and branding, and share the report with your clients on the go. Sign up for Netpeak Spider free trial to test all the features!

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photo tab icon How to use Netpeak Spider White Label Reporting

Using Netpeak Spider is as easy as pie. Let’s see how to make the most out of this tool!

1. Open settings and find White Label

Go to settings and click on the White Label tab at the bottom of the menu.

white label section

2. Choose necessary configurations and add brand info

After that, check the following fields in the white label dashboard platform: enable white labeling, logo, and contacts. After that, you’ll need to add information about your brand.

configurations settings

3. Crawl the website

Finally! Enter the URL of your website and start crawling. It will take just a few minutes.

website crawl

4. Export the report

Export your technical SEO report in PDF format.

report export
white label section
configurations settings
website crawl
report export

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