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Benefits of Netpeak Spider

Powerful & fast

Crawl 500,000 URLs in just 2.5 hours with Netpeak Spider. Save your time for other tasks.


Robust analytical toolkit

Take a deeper look at your data: aggregate, segment, and filter website crawling results. Import custom data and calculate PageRank in a snap.


Harvest the data you’re looking for

Extract all the necessary data from any website using Netpeak Spider’s built-in website scraper.


Generate and validate sitemaps

Swiftly generate XML, HTML, or image sitemaps after you finish crawling the website. Check for errors and issues with existing sitemaps. Audit even 1mln+ URLs.

Powerful & fast in Netpeak Spider
Robust analytical toolkit in Netpeak Spider
Harvest the data you’re looking for in Netpeak Spider
Generate and validate sitemaps in Netpeak Spider

Why Netpeak Spider?

JavaScript rendering
JavaScript rendering
With this capability, you can efficiently and quickly crawl websites that utilize JavaScript to load content. Users can also adjust the number of crawling threads to increase speed and reduce system load while crawling a large number of URLs. This feature allows for multitasking during the crawling process.
Prioritizing SEO issues
Prioritizing SEO issues
Netpeak Spider categorizes website issues by severity and presents them with different colors in both the sidebar and main table. It also provides detailed documentation for each issue, which includes a description, threat level, instructions on how to fix the issue, and helpful links.
Templates for settings and data export
Templates for settings and data export
Netpeak Spider allows custom templates for crawling settings, filters, and segments, as well as preset default templates. As for data export, you can quickly export all reports in CSV, XLSX, or PDF formats, preserving sorting, grouping, column width, and order.
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“We give SEO pros the tools they need to manage more projects with less effort.”
Alex Wise
Founder & CEO, Netpeak Software
Netpeak Software
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Customers love Netpeak SpiderNetpeak Spider is a leader in SEO on G2Users love Netpeak Spider

I highly value Netpeak Spider for its speed and the volumes of data it can handle. It’s easy to find errors and discover quick wind with Netpeak Spider. I appreciate the extensive amount of work the team has done to deliver the latest version of Netpeak Spider which is a great alternative to some of the most advanced crawlers out there on the market!

Alexis Rylko
Alexis Rylko Senior SEO-consultant at IProspect Paris
IProspect Paris

Netpeak Checker has been a vital part of scaling our business. With Checker’s ability to perform regional content analysis and competitor analysis, we’ve saved ourselves countless hours and put a clear content strategy in place. Netpeak Spider has also become a daily go-to software to search our site that has millions of URLs for errors and to analyse our current content. Our team is happy to have Netpeak Software in our toolbox!

Marina Bril
Marina Bril Performance & Product Marketing Team Lead at OLX

Our SEO students rave about Netpeak Software! It is a must-have tool in our SEO courses. Without Netpeak Software, our course would be a waste of time and money. These practical tools handle most of the routine tasks that usually require an SEO specialist. Netpeak Software is a huge value-add to us.

Anton Voroniuk
Anton Voroniuk CEO at WebPromoExperts

Netpeak Spider’s speed is unmatched. I can crawl various sections of our site or a list of pages in record time through their user-friendly interface. Netpeak makes it easy to view inbound and outbound links for a URL, and viewing page response and source code is a breeze.

Ihor Bankovskyi
Ihor Bankovskyi Tech SEO-specialist at Preply

Netpeak Spider and Checker analyze competitors and their activities across the web. You can spend hours doing it manually, or you can use these tools, and get the whole picture in several minutes. I highly recommend Netpeak Spider and Checker for SEO analysis as they help to automate a lot of manual tasks.

Olivia Milton
Olivia Milton Chief Marketing Officer at Reply
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