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Key features of Netpeak checker for testing your website speed

Learn the key features of the Netpeak Сhecker. Perform a webpage speed test and analyze the main website performance parameters influencing your rankings and user experience.

Mobile & Desktop Score Indicator

Enter the URL of your website and get access to the core web and mobile vitals of your website. You’ll get a score summarizing your page performance on desktop and mobile devices. A score of 90 and above is considered fast, 50 to 90 - average, and below 50 - slow.
mobile and desktop score analyzer

Mobile & Desktop LCP

LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) is when the largest text or image is uploaded on a desktop or mobile device. To provide a better user experience, we recommend LCP occur within 2.5 seconds after the page starts loading. The page load speed test is based on the Field Data, which shows insights into how real users are navigating your website.
mobile and desktop LCP analyzer

Mobile and Desktop FID

Desktop and mobile First Input Delay shows the time in milliseconds from the first user interaction with the website to the time the browser takes to respond to this reaction on a mobile or desktop device. The interaction can be anything from clicking a link, tapping a button, or using a custom JavaScript-powered control. FID of less than 100 milliseconds is recommended for a good user experience.
mobile and desktop FID analyzer

Mobile & Desktop CLS

CLS stands for Cumulative Layout Shift. This parameter measures the movement of visible elements within the viewport on a desktop or mobile device. If you want to perform a web or mobile website speed test, it’s a great choice. Pages should maintain a CLS of less than 0.1 to provide a seamless user experience. This parameter is based on the Field Data, which shows insights into how real users navigate your website.
mobile and desktop CLS analyzer

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How to use Netpeak Checker for Page speed test

1. Open Netpeak Checker and add necessary pages for core web vitals check

To analyze your page speed test, click on the list of URLs and choose one of the following options: enter manually, upload from the files, download from the sitemap, or paste from the clipboard. After you’ve selected the parameters, press the “Start” button.

core web vitals check

2. Add Google services APIs

Go to settings, choose “Google services API”, then go to the Google API and services page and copy the API key into the corresponding field to get data about the webspeed test from your Google services.

integration with google services api

3. Choose necessary data from Core Web Vitals

Go to the right sidebar and choose the necessary parameters from the dropdown menu for the cvw test. Also, you can select the parameter or table cell to view details.

parameters for core web vitals analysis

4. Start scanning and get the necessary data

After you’ve picked the necessary parameters for website performance testing and uploaded your URLs, press the “Start” button. After that, the scanning process will begin. If you want to group the results by a specific parameter, drag a column header with it.

website scanning process
core web vitals check
integration with google services api
parameters for core web vitals analysis
website scanning process

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