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Is this website safe? With the help of Netpeak Checker you can analyze the safety of any website and get insights about vulnerable pages that may be potentially attacked.
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Key features of Netpeak checker for analyzing your website reputation

Use the Netpeak website reliability checker to find safety weaknesses in your website and get rid of them as soon as possible.

Url safety check with the Google Safe Browsing verdict

Google Safe Browsing Verdict is a secure website check that indicates whether the website is safe to visit. True means that your website is not listed in Google’s list of unsafe resources, and False means that you have safety issues.
Google self-browsing verdict

'FALSE' value details

If you want to learn more about why your URL got a False verdict, click Open URL in service - Google Safe Browsing.

Additional onpage info

In addition to the safe browsing check, you can choose on-page parameters to check the safety of a specific page on your website.
Netpeak checker additional page info

Get a comprehensive Google Safe Browsing check and prevent any virus attacks

Try Netpeak's Checker for Google safe browsing to find any threats to your website’s security. Get a free version to detect any safety and technical issues before they influence your business.

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How to use Netpeak Checker for website safety analysis

1. Open Netpeak Checker and add necessary pages for analysis

You can upload the necessary URLs manually, download them from a sitemap, or paste from the clipboard. Press the “Start” button after selecting the parameters and start analyzing your website safety.

 Add necessary pages for analysis to Netpeak Checker

2. Add Google services APIs

Go to settings of website legit checker, choose the “Google services API”, then go to the Google API and services page and copy API key into the corresponding field to get data about web page security from your Google services.

Netpeak integration with Google APIs

3. Choose Google Safe Browsing parameters

From the following parameters in the dropdown menu of the website credibility checker, choose Google safe browsing parameters and ensure all the necessary elements are marked.

Google safe browsing parameters check

4. Start scanning and get the analysis of your website safety

After you’ve picked the necessary parameters to check website safety and uploaded your URLs, press the “Start” button. After that, the scanning process will begin. If you want to group the results by a particular parameter, you can drag a column header with it.

Netpeak website scanning for security
 Add necessary pages for analysis to Netpeak Checker
Netpeak integration with Google APIs
Google safe browsing parameters check
Netpeak website scanning for security

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