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Do you need to know how many pages your website has? Netpeak's Page Counter makes it easier than ever. A simple connection with Google Analytics services and sitemaps will let you find out which pages require SEO optimization in just a few clicks.
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Key Features of the Website Page Counter

A website page counter is a tool that displays the number of pages or links on your website. You can use the Netpeak Page Counter tool to determine the number of links on your website. Knowing the number of web pages on your site helps you find out whether Google correctly indexes all website URLs.

Find All Pages on a Website in Dashboard

The Netpeak Spider dashboard is the primary way to get a complete list of web pages. Get a full and comprehensive website pages list, including crawled URLs, compliant URLs, and any current issues. Crawled URLs: Spider "crawls" the page after discovering a URL to learn about what's on it and its content. It will also discover and crawl new URLs on that page. Compliant URLs: compliant URLs respond to pages that Spider considers indexable and that deliver a 200 OK response code.
Netpeak Main Dashboard

How to Find All Pages on a Website from Google Analytics

Alternatively, if you prefer using Google Analytics for all of your SEO needs, you can rest easy since Netpeak Spider website pages checker is completely compatible with Google services. It lets you collect the whole page list in a few clicks via the "List of URLs" section.
Finding pages with Google Analytics

Website Page List From Sitemap.xml

In addition to Google Analytics, it is possible to use Sitemap.xml to find all website pages.If the site map is unavailable, use our sitemap generator, which includes HTML, TXT, and XML options. Then, check your XML map and look for any problems.
Page list from Sitemap.xml

Website Page Count From Google Search Console

As an alternative method of counting the website pages, Netpeak Page Counter has full compatibility with Google Search Console, which is also accessible via the main dashboard.
Page Count from Google Search Console

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Netpeak Spider includes free tools for SEO specialists and webmasters to assist in completing day-to-day SEO tasks in a reasonably simple and efficient fashion. Try out our free trial of Netpeak Spider and scan up to 500 URLs in 200 threads.

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How to use Netpeak Page Counter?

Before you start counting the pages on any given URL, let’s take a closer look at how to use Netpeak’s Page Counter main features.

1. By Dashboard: Open Netpeak Spider And Crawl the Domain

Netpeak Spider's ability to crawl websites and acquire vital data quickly and efficiently is one of its most notable features. With only a few clicks, you can scrape websites for key insights such as broken links, duplicate content, missing meta descriptions, and more. It helps you to rapidly find areas for improvement and take action to enhance the performance of your website.Furthermore, you can use the Spider to check and list all the URLs of any given website in its dashboard. First, you will need to enter the web address in the “Initial URL” field and then run the Page Counter by pressing “Start.”

Netpeak Spider Dashboard

2. By Dashboard: Find Website Page List Info

Next, you can access the website page list info from Explore in the “Crawled URLs” or “Compliant URLs”, which will give you the lists of crawled web pages or compliant URLs, respectively.

Netpeak Alternative Dashboard

3. By Sitemap.xml: Paste Sitemap.xml URL And Scan

An alternative method of counting the existing pages of any given web address is with the help of a Sitemap.xml on the main dashboard of Netpeak Checker.Choose the parameters that you’d like to count. Once you’re ready, click the ‘Start’ button.

 Pasting Sitemap.xml for Scanning

4. By Sitemap.xml: Find All Pages on a Website

Netpeak counter allows you to sort the found pages based on URL name, location, date, and other attributes.Filter, sort, and analyze the data you’ve collected. You can also export the data by clicking on the ‘Transfer’ button, as shown in the screenshot.

Finding all pages via Sitemap.xml

5. By Integrations: Set up integration with Google Analytics and Search Console

When you get the full page list, you can enable the Google Analytics integration in the “Settings” section by selecting “Google Analytics & Search Console” in the drop-down list.

 Integrating the web page list with Google Analytics

6. By Integrations: Extract Website Pages List

Integration with Google Search Console enables Netpeak Spider to extract the whole website page list in under a few minutes. After the integration process has been completed, you will be able to download the URL list directly from Google Search Console with just a couple of clicks.Additionally, you can set the required SEO parameters from the list in the right section of the Netpeak Spider dashboard.

Extracting the web page list
Netpeak Spider Dashboard
Netpeak Alternative Dashboard
 Pasting Sitemap.xml for Scanning
Finding all pages via Sitemap.xml
 Integrating the web page list with Google Analytics
Extracting the web page list

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