How to Use Blogger Outreach to Promote Your Content and Build Backlinks to Your Website

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How to Use Blogger Outreach to Promote Your Content and Build Backlinks to Your Website

The marketing efforts today largely depend on the content you produce and the coverage you get. In terms of SEO, it allows you to get certain benefits. What are they? First of all, you can get some link juice. If set right, blogger outreach links may improve your chances of ranking in Google higher than your competitors. That’s why the guest blogging outreach is so popular.

As some bloggers accept guest posts, while others act as guest writers on various platforms, you can get links with their help. Sounds complicated? It may be so in the beginning. Yet, things depend on how you approach the blogger and the agreement you reach.

Read on to know what blog outreach strategy is about and how to use guest blogger outreach for your benefit.

What is blogger outreach?

Blog outreach strategy is a technique to find, contact and communicate with bloggers or writers to get backlinks to your website or simply promote your product or content. By putting your content in front of their audience, you can raise awareness, get coverage, increase traffic, and put your mark on a digital map.

The blog outreach strategy can be used within influencer marketing, PR, and content marketing efforts. Yet, we will focus on its impact on SEO. In this regard, the main goal of the outreach specialist is to locate and pitch the bloggers, reaching an agreement that would have a mutual benefit for both.

How to do blogger outreach?

  • - Identify your target.
  • - Determine the type of blogger.
  • - Contact the blogger.
  • - Be clear when communicating.
  • - State your motives.
  • - Interest the blogger.

Following these steps may make guest blogging outreach look easy. However, you will need to do much research and find tricks to approach the blogger. Let’s look at each case in more detail.

Identify your target

Using guest blogger outreach for link building contemplates significant research. Why? You have to know who you target: a blogger, a writer, or an expert. Besides, you should consider what platform they are writing for and if there is room for you.

In the case of product promotion, you look for opinion leaders with great coverage and engagement. If you utilize it for SEO strategy, even simply sharing your cases or partnering with a writer to produce the content, you should focus on other things. In particular, you will need to:

  • Determine the quality of the writer’s website link profile.
  • Consider if an array of topics they cover matches your goal.
  • Make sure no articles are leading to untrustful websites.
  • Check the monthly traffic of the website.
  • Define the authority of writers.
  • Take into account domain rating and the application of nofollow attributes.

Note: The good way to check the dofollow tags, as they usually have a greater effect on your domain, is by using the ”inspect” button within your browser. Just right-click on the link and select “inspect.” After it, check the “rel” attribute within the code presented to you by the browser. The dofollow attributes will not be shown to you as they are set by default.

Inspect button

However, if you see that there is a nofollow attribute, you may want to reconsider your tactics. Why? SEO specialists prefer to limit the number of nofollow links, making them constitute 40% of the total number of links. The policy of the websites on the nofollow attributes can be crucial for your backlink strategy. Thus, don’t ignore them.

Importantly, the same research applies to the situation when you want to target a person who often publishes their works on various websites. Yet, the only exception is that you analyze the ranking of bloggers’ articles and the profile of websites they have been published at. In the end, it can result in numerous blogger outreach links that will add to your image and link-building efforts.

Determine the type of writer and their impact

When you find a good candidate for blogger outreach, you should determine the possible effect on your strategy. Your priority may be getting a backlink. However, a blogger outreach program defined by you can give more coverage, raise awareness about products and attract traffic.

Let’s examine the case of GetProspect (the pic below) on how one article can not only bring link juice but bring conversion. Recently, Business Insider published an article on marketing tools. As the writing piece was interesting to the niche audience and mentioned the GetProspect product, it resulted in an increase in page visits for this page right after publication.

GetProspect Coversion from the Article

Even though the company did not outreach in relation to the author of the article, it had a certain effect and illustrated why bloggers are useful for raising awareness and not just getting backlinks.

As you can see, the impact will depend both on the authors and the domain where they publish their works. Microbloggers are the best for getting backlinks. Why? They are experts in their fields and niches, being constantly asked to be guests at different events. That’s why they have a growing audience and urge to find new information. For you, it is an opportunity as you can offer great insights.

Find the way to contact your blogger

Since you know who you will approach, the next step is finding a way to contact them.

Sending an email is better for approaching experts, while direct messaging is right for bloggers.

Usually, you can find the contact information of the bloggers on their pages on media platforms like Muck Rack or Medium, “About us” sections, or profiles on social media. In some cases, an appealing direct message can help you interest a blogger and start a dialogue.

Nevertheless, many authors are hard to reach. Some are too busy to answer on social media; others try to protect themselves from spammy offers. In this regard, a good option is to write to a blogger email address.

How to know blogger email addresses, then? You can try to guess it or Google it. In this regard, you can use some of the Google operators.

For example, you may want to look up the address of the editors. Let’s say you target the ones producing the content for The Verge. To get valuable information, utilize the “site:” operator and add some keywords, like “email“,“mail to,” or “editor” in the web search. You are likely to get the following results, allowing you to get a valid address of the target.

Google search

At the same time, you can use LinkedIn and start a blogger email address extraction operation with the help of an email extractor. Notably, such a tool is popular among marketers and recruiters who approach prospects and candidates this way.

LinkedIn tool

In particular, let’s take the profile of Andrew Webster as an example. With the GetProspect email address finder plugin for Сhrome, you are able to know the corporate email address of a person when browsing the profile. You will see the icon, and by clicking it, you will extract the email address.

Be a professional when communicating

Much depends on how you communicate with a prospect and how you develop relationships with them.

Before all, the bloggers get a lot of offers, many of which look like spam. Thus, whether you are contacting them via social media or email, you need a structured message with a clear hook, introduction, and offer. Moreover, you need to show that you are a colleague and professional. It means that you approach them as a real person who is interested in sustainable cooperation.

Importantly, start with reading their articles and posts. If you like them, leave a comment, setting the ground for the friend request. It will help you to build relationships instead of bombarding the blogger with spam messages and direct messages.

State your motives and values

It is essential to present who you are and what you expect from the writer. Irrespective of the guest post outreach templates you use, a good tactic is to state your position, display your values, and show your motive. Why? Your targets need to know who they are communicating with. Your marketing vision and plans can differ. The clearer you are, the higher chance of avoiding any misunderstanding.

Clarifying things from the beginning is a key to fruitful cooperation. Whether your case is a link attribution or brand improvement, make sure you clearly define your goals to avoid any misunderstanding later. It can save you time. Once the blogger knows your requests regarding blogger outreach links, they can determine whether they would fulfill them or set their conditions.

Interest the blogger

Lastly, as in any business cooperation, you have to offer something valuable. A successful operation is always a win-win situation, while the best outcomes result from a mutual benefit.

For instance, you can find a broken link at the blogger’s website and offer a link to your research instead or share an in-depth guide on a specific topic. Thus, study the target’s needs, offer value to them, and be ready to help them.

Notably, you can get blogger outreach links from infographics or visual support regarding statistics or advice. As this type of data is in demand, that way, your guest blog outreach strategy can be aimed at multiple experts, allowing you to get several links at once. Publishing statistics or visualized data and linking to its source are standard techniques among experts nowadays.