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Take part in our loyalty program and get additional discount up to 15% on purchasing Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker.

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Learn how and for how long you can get the discount. The more significant conditions you complete, the bigger discount you get!

  • 5% OFF
    Total amount of successful payments is > $500forever
  • 10% OFF
    Total amount of successful payments is > $1,000forever
    Purchase of yearly subscription for Netpeak Spider & Checker (by one or several payments)1 year
  • 15% OFF
    Total amount of successful payments is > $1,500forever
How to take part?
Complete specified conditions and start earning your discount.
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Frequently Asked Questions

– It's extremely easy: you just need to sign up and start completing the conditions.
– Any discount is applied to your account only after you've fully completed an appropriate condition. For instance, if you make your first purchase for the amount of $1,600, then after its successful processing, you'll get a 15% loyalty discount for your next payments.
– After having logged in to your Netpeak Software account, your loyalty discount will be displayed in the website header. You can also find more detailed info in the 'Loyalty Program' section of the control panel.
– Yes, loyalty discount is summed with all other discounts except promo code discount. In case loyalty discount differs from the promo code one, then the biggest available will be applied.
– If you've got a loyalty discount, it’ll be displayed above the total amount of your order when making a purchase.
– No, when you complete a condition, you’ll get a one-time discount with a certain term of validity. However, for some of the conditions the discount is provided forever.
– After every of your successful payments, we automatically record what license you’ve purchased and for what term. To get this discount, you will have to buy licenses both for Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker which terms are 12 months in total.
For instance, you can make one payment for Netpeak Spider & Netpeak Checker licenses for 12 months each or it can be several different payments within which you purchase 12 licenses for 1 months each. Once you reach the necessary term of the licenses, the discount will be provided to you.
– The amount of all your payments is accumulated, you can monitor it in the 'Loyalty Program' section of the control panel.
– Yes, it is. If you’ve got a loyalty discount, it’ll be applied to all your payments, including recurring ones.
– Yes, you can. For doing this, please go to ‘Licenses’ section and share the license with another user.
– Yes, the amount will be accumulated since it’s you who made the purchases.
– After having implemented the loyalty program, we checked all the accounts for completion of every condition and automatically applied the appropriate discounts. If you notice that you’ve completed some condition and the discount hasn’t been applied, please contact our customer service.