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How many backlinks does your website contain? Are they highly valued? And what do these questions have in common with your website’s credibility? We will review everything in detail below. Shortly, you can track the gain and loss of ranking status with Ahrefs DR checker quickly and easily with the help of Netpeak Checker.
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Key features of Netpeak Open Graph Checker

Open Graph Title

Open Graph Title is the title of the page that is displayed on Facebook. With its help, you’ll ensure that your website title looks attractive on social media.
open graph title check

Open Graph Description

In this og checker section, you’ll see the page description according to Facebook. In such away, you can analyse if social media users get the right information about your services.
open graph description check

Open Graph Updated Time

This shows the time and date when the page was last indexed by Facebook.
open graph updated time

Analyze additional page metrics

Besides opengraph test and analysis, you can also analyse additional onpage info, such as status code, title, title length, meta robots, canonical URLs, etc.
onpage info analyzer

Analyze data from 3d party providers

Our tool also integrates with other services, such as Ahrefs, Moz, SimilarWeb, Majestic, etc. So you can analyse your website metrics by extracting meta og tags data from these services.
website analysis with other services

Want to ensure your website looks good on social media?

With Netpeak Open Graph Checker, you will analyse all the necessary og link tags that appear on social media feeds and improve your social media content strategy. Sign up for a free trial to test all the features!

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photo tab icon How to use Netpeak Open Graph Checker

1. Open Netpeak Checker and choose the pages you want to analyze

After signing up for Netpeak Checker, open graph tester and confirm your email address. Then, add the pages you want to analyse.

 netpeak checker list of links

2. Pick the required parameters

Click on parameters, scroll down to Facebook card validator, and check the following boxes: open graph title, open graph description, open graph updated time.

open graph checker parameters

3. Integrate Facebook API

To get og meta tags data from the Facebook graph, you need to authorise Netpeak Checker by following the Facebook login link and pasting the access token in the corresponding field.

facebook api integration

4. Find OG tags after the scanning process

You’ll find such og type parameters as og title, og description, og updated time, og image, and OG URL. This is the information that appears on the feed when you share your website on social media.

og tags information display

5. Export your data in any format

After the scanning process is finished, extract the necessary data in the format you need.

open graph data export
 netpeak checker list of links
open graph checker parameters
facebook api integration
og tags information display
open graph data export

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