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According to Google and other major search engines, unique content is the primary ranking criterion. Luckily, you can find site-wide duplication with little effort using a free and quick website duplicate content analyzer like Netpeak’s Spider.
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Key Features of the Netpeak Spider’s Duplicacy Check

Netpeak Spider’s Duplicate Checker is an effective SEO tool to examine and enhance the existing site content. Here are the main functions of Netpeak Spider’s Duplicate Checker.

Duplicate Pages

Duplicate content is material available on several URLs on the internet. It usually happens not because of a duplicator but due to a mistake. Because many URLs display the same information, search engines are unsure which URL to prioritize in the search results. Therefore, they may rank both URLs lower and even precede other web pages. Duplicate check detects duplicate matching pages by inspecting the whole HTML code of a specific page. In this report, URLs are sorted by the 'Page Hash' parameter and displayed in the 'Error' section.
Duplicate Check Error Duplicate Pages section

Duplicate Text

You can also use the content checker tool to discover any plagiarised or duplicated material on websites to prevent search engines from spotting it. The duplication checker will flag all complying pages with the same text content in the <body> section. Besides, use the 'Text Hash' field to categorize URLs in this report.
 Duplicate Check Error Duplicate Text section

Duplicate Titles

You can also discover duplicated content in the titles of your web pages. The checker will flag all the matching pages containing the duplicated <title> tag content. For example, the 'Title' field aggregates URLs in this report.
 Duplicate Check Error Duplicate Titles section

Duplicate Descriptions

Furthermore, a duplicate content checker uncovers repeated descriptions on your website. It highlights all conforming pages with duplicate meta name="description" /> tag content. In this example report, the tool sorts URLs by the 'Description' field.
Duplicate Check Error Duplicate Descriptions section

Duplicate H1

Similarly, you can identify repeated H1 titles on your website using duplicated content checking. If you have more than one H1 heading per page, the checker will flag any pages with duplicate <H1> heading tag content. For instance, the 'H1 Content' field aggregates URLs in this report.
 Duplicate Check Error Duplicate H1 section

Same Title and Description

Netpeak's Content Checker can check for duplicate titles and descriptions that match each other. This way, you won’t miss an opportunity to optimize your web pages so they appear in search engines. The checker displays compliant pages when the text of the <meta name="description" /> element is equal to the content of the <title> tag.
Duplicate Check Warning Duplicate Titles and Description section

Same Title and H1

Finally, Netpeak Checker can identify appropriate descriptions and H1 titles if you want to rely on more relevant keywords on a page and optimize your templates. If the title length meets or exceeds the optimal limit, the checker will display compliant web pages with <meta name="description" /> tag content (the equivalent to the <title> tag content).
Duplicate Check Notice Same Title and H1 section

Try Our Duplicate Checker Tool to Eliminate Duplicate Content on Your Website

You can use the Netpeak Spider Duplicate Checker tool to assess material for free. The trial version has no time restriction, but you can analyze up to 500 URLs. Sign up for Netpeak Spider and download the software for a quick and easy duplicate content check on your website.

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How to use Duplicate Content Checker by Netpeak?

1. Open Netpeak Spider - Choose parameters - Crawl the Domain/Page

First, open and start Netpeak Spider. Next, select the necessary settings. Simply launch the scanner by clicking the Start button, and the Spider will crawl the whole domain or a specific page.If you need to check titles, descriptions, or headings for duplicate content you can select these filters in the Content section of the drop-down menu.

Starting the Netpeak Spider to search for duplicate pages

2. Check for Duplicates

After you've examined the initial results, sort them and check for duplicates in the Analysis section. Select the 'Check for duplicates' option from the drop-down menu.

 Analyzing URLs and Checking for Duplicates

3. Find the Necessary Issue Report

You can go further into the Reports area and pick the 'Issues' sub-menu in the right section of the screen. There, select the needed type of duplicated content.

Filtering the issues in the report section

4. Open the report and export data

Finally, you can export the data the content duplicacy checker has identified. Select the required type of duplicated material from the menu on the right side of the screen. Then, choose the pages to export in the main section of the program. Next, click the 'Export' button at the upper right corner of the screen.

Selecting the required type of duplicated content and exporting the scan results
Starting the Netpeak Spider to search for duplicate pages
 Analyzing URLs and Checking for Duplicates
Filtering the issues in the report section
Selecting the required type of duplicated content and exporting the scan results

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