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Google consistently improves its algorithm to understand users' search queries better and provide more personalized results. Analyze and update your website’s content with the latest developments to stay relevant. For the best website ranking, run your web pages with Netpeak Spider’s on-page SEO analysis tool. Keep on scrolling to find out more!
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How to Make Use of On-page SEO Report at Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider has a wide range of on-page grader metrics. Get guidance on errors, warnings, and notices based on the issue and more:

An overview of all your site's pages

On the Dashboard, you can study a full link compliance and issue severity graph audit for the whole web pages’ data.
 A site’s all pages-report feature in Netpeak Spider.

An extended audit on any website’s page

You can get a detailed report on any page of your website. Check the specific issues that require your attention and learn how to improve each site’s area.
A comprehensive onpage SEO report in the Netpeak Spider.

General on-page SEO analysis

General SEO onpage analysis contains the status code number and description, the issues content type, and amount of errors found on the page. Netpeak Spiders onpage tool also indicates different issues in distinct colors. You can see your link in blue, yellow, or red color, depending on the issue status. It is shown in the ‘Reports’ → ‘Issues’ table.
General onpage grader in the Netpeak Spider.

Website’s data crawling and indexing

The tool checks if search engines can index a web page. URLs with HTML files and 2xx status codes are compliant. It also checks if robots.txt allows indexing and provides meta tags, canonical links, and directives for ranking.
Crawling and indexing tool in the Netpeak Spider.

Links data checkup

Links audit includes the amount of all links to the current page from the crawled URLs (incoming links). It displays all links from the current web page as outgoing and to other URLs of the crawled website as internal. It also reveals the number of external links from the uploaded website.
 Links data analysis in the Netpeak Spider.

Content data report

Here, you can see the context of the website’s page under the ‘Title’ tag. A number of characters includes spaces under the ‘Title Length.’ The content ‘Description’ as search engine results pages and its ‘Length’. ‘Images’ shows the number of images found on a page in <img> tags.
Netpeak Spider’s content report tool.

Analytics & GSC data checkup

This on-page analyzer section reveals the parameters from the Google Search Console and Google Analytics. You receive analysis on the average website ranking in SERP and the number of clicks and impressions from Google. It also displays the number of website users and sessions. And the bounce rate of the link considering the chosen view, date range, and segment.
Websites’  analysis metrics by Netpeak Spider.

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photo tab icon Your Guide to Free Onpage SEO Analysis by Netpeak Spider

Benefit from the on-page SEO analysis tool at Netpeak Spider in several clicks:

1. Insert links for free onpage SEO analysis

Click on the ‘Add URLs’ tab or enter the preferred links manually for SEO onpage analysis. In the ‘Parameters’ on the right, select all the needed metrics for the site ranking.

Insert the needed links at Netpeak Spider for On-page SEO analysis.

2. Start on-page SEO analysis

Press on ‘Start’ in the Parameters tab. Navigate to ‘All Results’ and review the detailed checkup in front of each webpage. It will show the results on selected parameters.

Checking compliance and meta robots tags in the Netpeak Spider.

3. Export onpage SEO report

Then press on ‘Export.’ In the drop-down menu, select ‘Current table results.’

Obtaining onpage SEO tools results in the Netpeak Spider.

4. Analyze on-page issues

In the ‘Reports’ table on the right, you can see the detailed issues checkup. Review errors and warnings and notice advice for content improvements.

 Checking issues report in the Netpeak Spider.

5. Download websites’ issue analysis

Since you obtained extended website audits, download them to your computer. Navigate once again to the ‘Export’ tab and press on ‘All issue reports’.

Exporting referring domains checker results at Netpeak Spider.
Insert the needed links at Netpeak Spider for On-page SEO analysis.
Checking compliance and meta robots tags in the Netpeak Spider.
Obtaining onpage SEO tools results in the Netpeak Spider.
 Checking issues report in the Netpeak Spider.
Exporting referring domains checker results at Netpeak Spider.

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