30+ Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Digital Marketers

30+ Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Digital Marketers

These days are jumpy, huh? 😰

Do you feel like the whirl of discounts and square deals swallowed up your attention? If you didn’t prepare the wish list beforehand, it could drive you to distraction. We care about our readers and want them to make the biggest possible deals on Black Friday. That’s why we created this ready-to-use list with blog posts in which you can find the hottest discounts for the tools you use for work every day. Be all ears!

Get Netpeak Spider & Checker with 40% OFF

First off, don’t miss the chance to buy Netpeak Spider and Checker with a 40% discount using promo code BlackFriday2019, and save up to $222! And we didn’t settle just on huge discounts, it’s also a giveaway time! You’ll have the opportunity to win a limited Black Friday edition of wonderful owl-toys! Got interested? Read our post to stay tuned.

Purchase and Save 40%

Plus, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale is a once-in-a-year chance at getting a deal with 30% OFF on Serpstat pricing plans.😜

Serpstat with 30% OFF

Find Your Best SEO Deals in These Posts

BF Deal PostWho May Be Interested
GanttPRODigital marketers
TemplateMonsterSEOs, webmasters, digital marketers
WebliumSEO, digital marketers
SEO HackerSEOs
Craig CampbellSEOs
NinjaOutreachSEOs, digital marketers
MyTemplateStorageDigital marketers
NichemarketDigital marketers
Serp RankDigital marketers
WebbiquitySEOs, webmasters, digital marketers
Elite Affiliate HacksDigital marketers
BloggingJOYDigital marketers
Monetize.infoDigital marketers
BloggersneedDigital marketers
SalesHandyDigital marketers
ClickTugDigital marketers
ContentstudioDigital marketers
BootstrappsDigital marketers
EarningGuysSEOs, webmasters, digital marketers
Fat Frog MediaDigital marketers
Scan WPSEOs, webmasters, WordPress specialists
SaaS PirateDigital marketers
Kasa Reviews WordPress, SEO specialists
EngageBayDigital marketers
WPExplorerWordPress, SEO specialists
E-marketing HacksWordPress, SEO specialists
DigitalKubeSEOs, webmasters, digital marketers

One Curious Tip: How to Find More Deals [Using Netpeak Checker]

If you want to find even more blog posts with Black Friday discounts, here's a little guidance on how we actually dug down to our links with the help of Netpeak Checker:

  1. From the main program window, go to the SE Scraper tool tab.
  2. Write down the queries for SERP scraping. If there are several words in the request, each word should be separated by a ‘+’ sign without space.
  3. Netpeak Checker. Enter search queries to the SE Scraper in Netpeak Checker

  4. Go to the 'Settings' tab, where you can select search engines, set the desired number of results, and select the type of snippet.
  5. Netpeak Checker. Go to the Settings, select the search engine, number of results and the type of snippet

  6. Click the 'Start' button to start scraping.
  7. When completed, review the results in the table:

Netpeak Checker. Review the results in the table

Hope this post came in handy and helped you gather all the tools in one basket 😎