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Netpeak Spider vs. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Comparison

What if we tell you it’s time to broaden your SEO toolbox with the crawler Netpeak Spider? Let’s compare it to Screaming Frog SEO Spider – see what you are missing.

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Netpeak Spider advantages

SEO Audit and White Label

1. Focus on eliminating SEO issues

In Netpeak Spider issues are categorized by their severity with color highlighting, they are presented in a sidebar and in the main table. Program contains the complex documentation on each and every issue: a description, its threat, how to fix it, and even a list of useful links. We draw your attention to the found issues that need to be fixed, but you always have a list of all the potential issues at hand as well.

You can export all the reports on issues is one click, or select a special report on a certain issue in a handy format.

2. Audit of the optimization quality in PDF

Just in two clicks, you can export a report containing an express audit of the optimization quality in PDF. With the help of diagrams and graphics you can quickly assess the state of the project, and also get the in-depth analysis and the results visualization at the level of the most advanced online products (and even higher ).

Learn more about PDF audit

3. White label reports PRO

You can instantly generate a technical audit of the project in PDF, remove the Netpeak Software branding, and furnish it with your company’s logo, required contacts, and useful recommendations. White label reports help build the brand recognition and generate leads for SEO services pre-sales while saving your time to earn more.

See an example of a white label report

4. Multi-domain crawling PRO

This feature allows you to set the list of URLs, and afterward, the program will crawl these websites simultaneously and display data in a single table. A standard set of Netpeak Spider features will be available for all URLs of every website: issues, overview, site structure divided by hosts, graphs on the dashboard, and export of all reports.

Learn more about multi-domain crawling

1. Focus on eliminating SEO issues in Netpeak Spider
2. Audit of the optimization quality in PDF in Netpeak Spider
3. White label reports in Netpeak Spider
4. Multi-domain crawling in Netpeak Spider

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Segmentation and Analytics

5. Unique data segmentation feature

Segmentation is a powerful feature that has lots of use in the program and helps analyze data from a completely different angle. When crawling is finished, you can change data view in the program limiting it to a particular segment (same as segmentation in Google Analytics).

Segments affect all reports in the program, and you can either set them manually or use any available filter as a segment: by any parameter, any number of conditions, using the AND / OR logic and even regular expressions.

Learn more about segmentation feature

6. Complex site structure analysis

‘Site structure’ — is a special report that helps see how the site is built based on URL segments. You will get the statistics on URL number and percentage on every level, and by clicking on them you can filter the table to a certain area of the website for further analysis. It grants endless opportunity for insights in conjunction with segmentation feature.

Learn more about 'Site structure' report

7. Responsive dashboard

The dashboard is a cockpit of the program. It changes it’s state depending on the crawling stage. During crawling, it shows current settings: you can notice incorrect ones, stop crawling and make changes.When crawling is on pause or complete, the dashboard shows interactive graphs and charts with useful insights about the project – you can export them as an image.

5. Unique data segmentation feature in Netpeak Spider
6. Complex site structure analysis in Netpeak Spider
7. Responsive dashboard in Netpeak Spider

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Functionatily and Usability

8. Crawling settings management

In Netpeak Spider, you can enable and disable crawling of specific parameters in a single interface to focus on the most important ones. Such customization allows speeding up crawling, lowering RAM and processor resource consumption: if the site is huge, you can crawl it checking only the parameters you need.

There is a handy search by parameters in a sidebar (since there are lots of them). You can analyze all of the parameters, and then disable some of them with the function 'Sync the table with selected parameters' to leave only the most needed ones.

9. Advanced results table

The table in Netpeak Spider is the best on the market and is highly optimized for working with heavy data (there is a rumor that it’s optimized even better that Excel ).

You can use a wide variety of functions: data sorting and grouping, quick search, filtering, numerous options to adjust columns, highlighting issues depending on their severity, hints, interactive parameter values, advanced context menu, hot keys, etc. The program also automatically saves all the table settings and applies them after restart.

10. URLs skipped while crawling

If some pages weren’t found while crawling, there is a special table in a program that shows which URLs were skipped and why: due to selected crawling settings, or because of crawling and indexing instructions.

Take a look at this table to double-check if everything is in order, and pause the crawling to change the settings if needed.

11. Templates for settings, parameters, filters, and segments

If you like to adjust everything to your liking, we’ve got excellent news for you: Netpeak Spider allows saving your own templates for crawling settings, paramaters, filters, and segments to use them afterwards. We also got you covered with pre-set default templates.

8. Crawling settings management in Netpeak Spider
9. Advanced results table in Netpeak Spider
10. URLs skipped while crawling in Netpeak Spider
11. Templates for settings, parameters, filters, and segments in Netpeak Spider

If usability is not your priority, we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeve

Built-In Tools

12. Export of Search Queries from Google Search Console PRO

In Netpeak Spider you can analyze data from GSC in the format ‘URL – search query – major metrics (impressions, clicks, CTR, average position)’, since in GSC itself, you’re confined only to two options: analyze main indicators by URL, or by search queries.

This feature allows to quickly export absolutely all queries URL ranks for, optimize meta tags, assess your website performance, and look for low hanging fruits of your website optimization.

Learn more about exporting search queries from GSC

13. Internal PageRank Calculation

Internal PageRank calculation tool will help you perform a thorough analysis of the internal linking and get deep insights into the project: how link weight is distributed across the site and where it concentrates; what unimportant pages get extra link weight; what pages are 'dead ends' and simply ‘burn’ incoming link weight.

Learn more about internal PageRank

14. Source Code and HTTP Headers Analysis

You don’t have to open a page in a browser to quickly analyze its source code – just use the built-in tool in Netpeak Spider. It allows checking HTTP request and response headers of any URL, data on redirects, GET parameters in URL, and all extracted text without the HTML code, which is especially useful for text analysis.

15. XML Sitemap Validator

The validator in Netpeak Spider is a unique tool in SEO market. It finds more than 30 issues in Sitemap files (including their contents) and Sitemap index files. Just enter a sitemap link – and that's it: the tool will automatically detect Sitemap index files and unzip .gz archives.

And sure, we also can generate an XML sitemap with the crawled data. And trust us, you won't need to validate it afterwards

12. Export of Search Queries from Google Search Console in Netpeak Spider
13. Internal PageRank Calculation in Netpeak Spider
14. Source Code and HTTP Headers Analysis in Netpeak Spider
15. XML Sitemap Validator in Netpeak Spider

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Working with Heavy Data and Export

16. Optimal RAM Consumption

We’ve conducted research featuring our main competitor where we crawled 100,000 pages of theguardian.com using Netpeak Spider and Screaming Frog SEO Spider (SFSS, version 13.2) with the same settings (with JS rendering enabled and disabled). With the enabled JavaScript rendering, Netpeak Spider uses 3 times less RAM compared to SFSS, and without JS rendering – 8 times less RAM.

By the way, you don't have to select the data storage mode manually: we use our internal database by default – it is designed not to affect crawling speed at all.

17. Quick Export of Any Data

With a special export menu, in just one click you can export either any particular report or all the available reports at once, and even a set of specific reports to assign a task to a developer or send to your clients.

Data is exported in the same form as it’s shown in the results table: including sorting, grouping, columns width and order. Formats available: CSV, XLSX, and PDF (with graphs and diagrams). And the best thing is that you can export the reports directly to Google Drive and work on the online with you teammates.

18. Internal Database

Netpeak Spider's internal database is built to work with huge amounts of URLs: you don't have to export the results to external services (e.g. Excel or Google Spreadsheets) – you can analyze any parameter (links, images, redirects, canonical URLs, H1-H6 headings) for one URL or numerous ones right in the program.

19. Integration with Google Drive / Sheets PRO

This integration allows you to quickly export reports straight to Google Sheets without any limits and share them with your colleagues in a few clicks. Likewise, the PDF reports: they're immediately exported to Google Drive, so it means that the only thing you have to do is get a shareable link and send it to a client or manager.

Learn more about the integration

16. Optimal RAM Consumption in Netpeak Spider
17. Quick Export of Any Data in Netpeak Spider
18. Internal Database in Netpeak Spider
19. Integration with Google Drive / Sheets in Netpeak Spider

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Top-Level Support

20. Free demo webinars and learning the tools

Our specialists hold free online demonstrations of our tools to teach any user to use our tools to the best extent. By the way, you can sign up right now. We also provide you with the video recording of the demo, so that you could go back to the most relevant cases at any moment.

And right after you’ve created an account, you can get a dedicated onboarding newsletter to your email – it’s a curated learning course to quickly master Netpeak Spider and Checker. This way you can study our tools yourself (and do it effectively), take part in funny questionnaires, learn what our clients think of us, and get to know us better

21. Quick online support for all users

Our support works for all our users, whether they have the paid access to the tools our not. Shoot any questions via email: our specialists will immediately come to the rescue to help solve your problem quickly and effectively.

And if you have the Premium access to our products, we also can support you via phone, video, and even in your favourite messengers

22. Automatic software update

We regularly update our products, to the latest stable version to boot, so that your user experience was the smoothest sailing.

The update installing is a breeze: simply launch Netpeak Spider, and it will automatically update to the latest version – you won't even notice how it happens. You don’t need to download anything from the site or reload: we’ve got you covered with Netpeak Launcher – our program for launching and updating.

20. Free demo webinars and learning the tools in Netpeak Spider
21. Quick online support for all users in Netpeak Spider
22. Automatic software update in Netpeak Spider

There Is More! Netpeak Checker Is in da House

Custom SERP scraping for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex

Our built-in SERP checker tool allows to get search results for any queries, using custom geo location, country, and language settings, search operators and prefixes, and even limit the scraping to a certain snippet type (video, image, news, sitelink).

Learn more about SERP scraping

Batch domain check by data from top SEO services

Check URL lists by authority, trust, and backlink volume/quality metrics from Serpstat, SimilarWeb, Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMrush, Google Safe Browsing. Netpeak Checker also helps to perform website creation date check, bulk IP lookup, domain expiration check with the DNS, Whois, and Wayback Machine data in order to do dropped domains search.

See all integrations

Bulk index and cache check

Our program helps check pages in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex index, find out a date and time when it was cached by a search engine and track if it’s merged with other URLs.

‘Health check’ for your websites

Netpeak Checker allows following 50+ On-Page parameters essential for website optimization. You can also check the website speed by Google PageSpeed Insights, verify mobile-first indexing compliancy with Google Mobile Friendly Test, validate markup with Google Structured Data Testing Tool, and check lists of URLs by Google Safe Browsing.

Custom SERP scraping for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex in Netpeak Checker
Batch domain check by data from top SEO services in Netpeak Checker
Bulk index and cache check in Netpeak Checker
‘Health check’ for your websites in Netpeak Checker

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Why Our Clients Choose Netpeak Spider

Learn what for industry leaders and top specialists appreciate our tools – it’s no coincidence we get best reviews and rewards

Netpeak Spider is a leader in SEO on G2Users love Netpeak Spider on G2Netpeak Spider is a leader in Small-Business SEO on G2Netpeak Spider is a leader in SEO on G2
Customers love Netpeak Spider
Users love Netpeak Spider

I really appreciate Netpeak Spider's working speed and amounts of data it can process. It's so easy to spot issues with it when I perform quick wins audit. I also see what a tremendous job the team has done to release the latest Netpeak Spider that competes in functionality with the most advanced crawlers worldwide.

Alexis Rylko
Alexis Rylko Senior SEO-consultant at IProspect Paris
IProspect Paris

We use Netpeak Spider to know how Google sees our websites. And we use Netpeak Checker to compare main key performance indications for our website and benchmark them to our competitors’ websites. I control my SEO teams through combination of Netpeak Spider & Checker. I recommend these tools to everyone!

David Braun
David Braun CEO at TemplateMonster & Weblium
TemplateMonster & Weblium
TemplateMonsterThomsonReutersShopifyOLXiProspect ParisIncredoColoplastFlatfy

Netpeak Spider and Checker analyze competitors and their activities across the web. You can spend hours doing it manually, or you can use these tools, and get the whole picture in several minutes. I highly recommend Netpeak Spider and Checker for SEO analysis as they help to automate a lot of manual tasks.

Olivia Milton
Olivia Milton Chief Marketing Officer at Reply

I liked the ease of use and simple interface of Netpeak Spider & Checker. I took me less than 10 minutes to play around with Netpeak Сhecker and understand how it works. And in Netpeak Spider separation of the issues by their level urgency to solve with different colors is quite handy.

Lilit Broyan
Lilit Broyan Digital Marketing Specialist at Incredo

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