Quiz: Check Your WordPress SEO Skills

Quiz: Check Your WordPress SEO Skills

Sometimes it's important not only to consume tons of guides and 'how to' posts from different resources but also to stop, breathe, check your knowledge and smile. That's why we've prepared this quiz. If you are an attentive reader of our blog, you may have noticed that we have been publishing 'how to' posts about SEO for WordPress based websites. We're not going to stop because our author Alexandra Metiza actually works on her own website (at least she tries) and she wants to share her beginners experience with our readers. At the end of the quiz you can find the list of all published posts about WordPress SEO on our blog.

And now it's time to check what you've learned from her posts. Enjoy!

As I promised, here is a list of all WordPress SEO 'how to's'.

  1. WordPress SEO: Security Connection With HTTPS
  2. WordPress SEO: Creating Robots.txt File. Using Meta Robots Tag. XML Sitemap
  3. WordPress SEO: Duplicate Content and Canonical Issues
  4. WordPress SEO: Content Optimization. Basic Meta Tags
  5. WordPress SEO: Social Media Integration on Your Website
  6. WordPress SEO: Connecting to Webmaster Services and Analytic Systems
  7. WordPress SEO: How to Create Rich Snippets
  8. 10 Basic SEO Tasks You Can Solve with WordPress Plugins

If you want to ask or propose some new topic to this series of posts, let us know in the comments ;)