Netpeak Spider 3.10: Comments in White Label Report, and Export of SEO Audit (PDF) for Freemium Plan


As you may already noticed from previous releases, round numbers work like a charm for us... And this time is no exception! Our Netpeak Spider 3.10 reached its mini-anniversary, and so we've spruced up white label audit for such an occasion: now all PDF reports can be furnished with your comments. And traditionally, we can't let you make do only with one feature (even though it's freaking cool!) and not give you a handful of other box-fresh improvements, which we carefully described in this blog post.

We want Netpeak Spider 3.10 release to be good news for everyone – both for users of the Pro version of the program and for those who work on the Freemium plan

To save time down the road, jump to the section of your liking to find out the results of this venture:

  • 1. Adding Detailed Comments in the White Label Version of SEO Audit (Pro Plan)
  • 2. Free Export of SEO Audit (Freemium Plan)
  • 3. Crawling Images from the Srcset Attribute
  • 4. Quick Recrawl of Broken URLs
  • 5. Export of Data from Google Analytics, Search Console, and Yandex.Metrica for Uncrawled URLs
  • Perks
  • In a Nutshell

1. Adding Detailed Comments in the White Label Version of SEO Audit (Pro Plan)

In this release, we added more wiggle room into PDF reports. Now if you use the Pro plan and have access to the white label audit export feature, you can gussy your reports up with comments on the project, recommendations, lists, pictures, or mushy messages to the client like 'looking forward to our collaboration, Mr. Johnes'.

White label SEO audit in Netpeak Spider is an opportunity to delete all Netpeak Software branded elements from the report and furnish it with your logo, contacts, and recommendations for a client or a team.

Example of Branded Report

This page will perfectly fit your white label report and pepper it up with expert touch.

1.1. What We Added

  • ‘Comment section' in the 'White label' settings – when the 'Enable comment section' checkbox is active, you can enter custom content with the help of basic HTML tags. Here you can customize headers, make lists, insert a table, pictures, and change styles.
  • Examples of HTML tags that you can use for layout of the content – it's easier not to start from scratch, right? 😉
  • Opportunity to use CSS styles along with HTML. This allows you to embellish the content of the comment. Thus, CSS styles will affect the entire PDF report, and you can use, for example, your brand colors in all headers of the report.

    This is how a page with comments in white label report (PDF) may look like in Netpeak Spider

    To add a comment to the PDF report in Netpeak Spider, you need to tick the 'Enable comment section' checkbox, tailor the HTML structure template to your needs, set the required H1 header, and click on the 'Preview' button

  • ‘Preview’ button so that you could see how the comment looks in the report without exporting it.
  • ‘Section header (H1)’ – for instance, you can name it ‘Quote’ and add the table with a promotion plan for a year and estimated charge for your services.
  • Opportunity to change the call to action on the contacts page.

Now you can customize the call to action and add a personal touch on the contacts page in the PDF reports in Netpeak Spider

1.2. How to Enable Comment Section in White Label Report

  1. In the white label settings, tick the checkbox ‘Enable comment section’.
  2. Key in the H1 heading in the ‘Section header (H1)’ field or leave the default ‘Comments’.
  3. In the 'Section content' field, add your HTML code.
  4. To see how code is generated in the PDF report, hit the ‘Preview’ button.
  5. Export report.

    To enable the comment section in the white label report in Netpeak Spider, tick the ‘Enable comment section’ checkbox, key in H1 heading, and take a sneak peek of how it looks in PDF report hitting the ‘Preview’ button

Read more about white label reports and all finer points in the user guide: 'How to Use White Label PDF report in Netpeak Spider.'

The opportunity to create white label reports is available for users of the Pro plan, so we'll drop here a quick link for the upgrade (especially if you still use the Standard version and offer SEO services):

Upgrade to Pro

2. Free Export of SEO Audit (Freemium Plan)

If you use the free version of the program, this news will set your pulse racing → now you can export SEO audits and share them with your colleagues and clients.

Where's the beef? SEO audit is the only report, which you can export on the Freemium plan 😍 Sign up, download, and start the program to harness this chance!

Sign Up and Download Freemium Version of Netpeak Spider

P.S. Right after signup, you'll also have the opportunity to try all paid functionality and then compare all our plans and pick the most suitable for you.

By the way, we also added a tiny improvement, which will save you precious seconds → now the button for the PDF reports export can be reached from the main window of the program. So you can generate a technical SEO audit literally in one click.

We have moved the button for PDF reports export to the main window of Netpeak Spider – now everything you need is right at your hand

3. Crawling Images from the Srcset Attribute

The srcset attribute allows you to show the browser different image sizes for different screen sizes on responsive websites. We decided to 'teach' Netpeak Spider to crawl all images from the srcset attribute so that you could get data on the images and check them for 'Broken image' issue.

The program starts the attribute check by default. All received data can be found in the issue report in the ‘Database’ module. To see which images have different sizes, you just need to group them in the report by the ALT attribute, as shown in the gif:

In Netpeak Spider, drag a column to the upper left corner to group images by ALT attribute and see which images have different sizes on the website

4. Quick Recrawl of Broken URLs

Sometimes, crawling load-sensitive websites at a big number of threads can result in many URLs returning 5xx or 429 status codes. The program sees these URLs as broken. But, as a rule, if you recrawl them, reducing the number of threads, they'll return 200 OK.

Now in Netpeak Spider, you can quickly recrawl broken URLs → we added the 'Recrawl broken URLs' button in the 'Crawling' menu. And there's a chance that after you restart crawling, you'll have fewer broken links 😉

To use the new feature, open the ‘Crawling’ menu in Netpeak Spider and click on the ‘Recrawl broken URLs’ button. Yeah, once and again, one click and you’re there 😏

5. Export of Data from Google Analytics, Search Console, and Yandex.Metrica for Uncrawled URLs

Netpeak Spider is often used to export data from Google Analytics, Search Console, and Yandex.Metrica for a specific list of URLs. Previously, you had to crawl all URLs, and the process was delayed. We decided to make it easier for you: now if you want to get data from analytics systems for a list of URLs, you need to crawl only one URL from the list, start the analysis, and get data from the analytics services for all other URLs. This is especially convenient for large websites when you need to retrieve data for many URLs and for a long period of time.

For more information on how the integration with Google Analytics, Search Console, and Yandex.Metrica works in the program, read our blog posts:

1. ‘Netpeak Spider 3.3: Integration with Google Analytics and Search Console.’

2. ‘Netpeak Spider 3.5: Hreflang, Multi-Domain Crawling, and Yandex.Metrica.’

To start exporting data from services in Netpeak Spider, open the ‘Analysis’ menu, select the needed one from the list → and let the export begin!


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In a Nutshell

In Netpeak Spider 3.10, we implemented:

  • Opportunity to add detailed comments to the white label report in PDF (Pro plan) → now you can enrich the report with your comments, recommendations, lists, pictures, and any messages to the client. You just need to edit them in HTML.
  • Opportunity to export SEO audit for Freemium plan → if you use the free version of the program and are in the pits about the fact that you're not able to export anything, now you'll have a jolly good reason to rejoice – we've unlocked the export of technical audit in the PDF format for you.
  • Crawling images from the srcset attribute → crawl all images on the responsive websites to quickly check them for issues.
  • Opportunity to recrawl broken URLs in one click → click on the button and watch how the number of broken pages is fading down. Miracle? No, we just have a gifted developer.
  • Export data from Google Analytics, Search Console, and Yandex.Metrica for uncrawled URLs → now to get data from these services for a list of URLs, you only need to crawl one!

And here's another couple of pleasant improvements:

  • When you need to export search queries from Google Search Console for a long period (more than a year), you can lay back and smoothly get them because the API's working steadily now.
  • We deleted the changelog from the program → instead, we added a link to a separate beautiful page where you can track all the changes in our instruments.

So, ladies and gentlemen, are you chuffed about new features in Netpeak Spider 3.10? Rate your excitement on a scale of 10 to 10?

Comment on what features impressed you the most in this release, and pitch in the new ones for our future updates 😊