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I’m using Netpeak Spider to do SEO audit: check On-Page parameters and look for some issues and bugs. I find the XML Sitemap Validation and Internal PageRank tools really useful, as well as the option to stop the crawling and continue it later on. I choose Netpeak Software because I don’t need another tools.

Hristo Velchev
Hristo Velchev SEO Specialist at Eurocoders
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One of the most indepth and flexible web crawlers out there, Netpeak Spider provides smooth experience and lots of features. It even has the ability to calculate your site internal PageRank giving your ideas if important pages of your site are not getting enough power internally.

Dan Steiner
Dan SteinerCEO at Avila Web Firm
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Looks like I will have new favorite SEO crawling tool. Testing it now on domain with ~800K active pages. Impressive update, Netpeak Software!

Łukasz Rogala
Łukasz RogalaOnline Marketing Consultant at

Netpeak Spider and Checker analyze competitors and their activities across the web. You can spend hours doing it manually, or you can use these tools, and get the whole picture in several minutes. I highly recommend Netpeak Spider and Checker for SEO analysis as they help to automate a lot of manual tasks.

Olivia Milton
Olivia MiltonChief Marketing Officer at Reply
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