We have an offer for educational centers, courses, training, schools, and universities that teach SEO and digital: grant your students full access to Pro accounts of Netpeak Spider and Checker during studies.
Educational Partnership
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Desktop tool for day-to-day SEO audit, fast issue check, comprehensive analysis, and website scraping.
Netpeak Spider
Netpeak Checker
Desktop tool for SERP scraping and data aggregation from top SEO services to analyze and compare websites in bulk.
Offer your students your personal affiliate 25% discount for the first purchase of Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker.
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This Is What We Offer
Attend a webinar with our specialists and get to know how to master all Netpeak Spider and Checker features.
Get links to educational videos and posts from the Netpeak Software blog to complement your curriculum.
Your dedicated manager is always ready to assist you regarding partnership.
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Get access to all Netpeak Spider and Checker features (including paid) for students and lecturers during studies.
Get up to 30% recurring commission from all students' purchases via your affiliate link or promo code.
Free Access to Pro Accounts
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Are there still any questions left,
or you would like to get special conditions?

Discuss with your dedicated manager via email: [email protected]
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Our tools will fit perfectly into your curriculum
if you teach students such specialties:
Creating PBNs
Digital Marketing
Content marketing
Sales & Business Development
QA testing
Link building
Feedback from Our Customers
Thousands of SEOs from 180 countries use our tools. This is what they have to say.
Senior SEO-consultant at IProspect Paris
Alexis Rylko
I appreciate Netpeak Spider's working speed and amounts of data it can process. It's so easy to spot issues with it when I perform quick wins audit. I also see what a tremendous job the team has done to release the latest Netpeak Spider that competes in functionality with the most advanced crawlers worldwide.
SEO Consultant at IQ SEO
Andy Drinkwater
Having this crawler in my arsenal of tools means that I get more data, allowing me to complete a more thorough audit. Netpeak Software team keeps the tool updated, has amazing support, and it makes my job easier. It's the best value tool you will use. A must for anyone serious about SEO.
SEO Team Lead at Flatfy
Vlad Morgun
Netpeak Spider helps with technical auditing. I can save a project and transfer it to another computer, that's why I prefer this crawler to other tools. I like using a multiscreen mode and variety of filters and segments, especially a feature to find a redirect chain. Developers listen to the user's needs and always renew a tool.
SEO Manager at TemplateMonster
Ihor Shulezhko
I mostly use Netpeak Checker to search for dropped domains. I usually work with such reports: scraping availability and first date by Whois; scraping first date by Web Archive; comparing URLs by Ahrefs parameters.
Digital Marketing Specialist at Incredo
Lilit Broyan
I liked the ease of use and simple interface of Netpeak Spider & Checker. It took me less than 10 minutes to play around with Netpeak Сhecker and understand how it works. And in Netpeak Spider separation of the issues by their level of urgency to solve with different colors is quite handy.
Founder at MyBlogU.com
Ann Smarty
Netpeak Spider is one of the fastest, most flexible, and in-depth crawlers out there helping you go through the entire website and signaling any SEO or usability errors. It helps you easily diagnose your site's SEO health: the tool checks everything you have published, including main pages, to find potential issues to correct.
How to Become a Partner
Follow 3 easy steps:
Study the tutorials and include Netpeak Spider and Checker tools to your course.
Teach students how to use SEO tools by granting them free access to Netpeak Spider and Checker Pro features.
Fill out the form, and our manager will contact you to discuss the cooperation.
Let us brag about our achievements a little
Our Demands Regarding Partnership
Since we provide full access to Pro accounts of Netpeak Spider and Checker
for free, we strictly prohibit:
Publishing educational promo codes intended for students and lecturers on third-party websites, including a school website.
Distributing educational promo codes intended for students and lecturers to third parties.
Netpeak Spider is the best software according to the conference Baltic Digital Days 2021
Help your students learn new skills and master the right tools, and at the same time earn commission with our affiliate program.
Educate Students with Top-Rated SEO Software on the Market