Netpeak Checker 2.1: Absolutely New Version of the Tool

Amber White shared this announcement 8 months ago

Dear friends,

We’re so excited to present you the new version of Netpeak Checker! We’ve made every effort to improve every aspect of its functioning and settle all the issues of the previous versions. And here we are ;)

Let’s take a quick look at all the changes made:

  1. Totally improved interface.
  2. Implementation of 1,000+ parameters for the analysis.
  3. Option to save and load projects.
  4. New application core.
  5. Notifications about issues with getting results, and much more.

Learn about other important improvements in our review!

Read the Review

To celebrate B-day of absolutely new Netpeak Checker, we’ve prepared a small gift – you can try our bundle Netpeak Spider + Netpeak Checker for free within 14 days even if you’ve already used the tools and your trial has expired.

And now please look at the photo below and think who has come to our Owl and why. Any ideas? No? Then you for sure need to read the review and find this out ;)

Netpeak Checker 2.1: Absolutely New Version of the Tool

We do want to hear your feedback on the new version of Netpeak Checker! So feel free to drop us a line in any convenient way:

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Read the review of the previous update: New Control Panel and Changes in Purchasing the Products

Comments (4)


Thanks for the great job, guys :) Appreciate you've added Moz Spam Score, really lacked it.


Jaden, thanks for your feedback, we are always glad to hear from you ;)


I can't find the on-page tab. The one that contains the status code, word count, outgoing links, etc.. Those parameters are the ones that I use everyday


Hi Erick,

Thanks for your message.

Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience, we're going to add these parameters within two weeks. While we're actively working on this, you can use Netpeak Spider to get the necessary data. I've put more detail in a private ticket you placed.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, just drop us a line – we’re always glad to help.

Looking forward to hearing from you!