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October 9, 2020
Mike Gracia
October 7, 2020
Really interesting observations, however perhaps it'd also be good to consider & cross-check the quality of content & frequency of publication on the new sites, too? Due to not having to undergo the same rigour to be approved, it may also be that the quality of content is now lower, on these new sites - so they are not appearing as readily. 

I've seen a LOT of people complaining about a lack of news ranking, yet upon investigation, much of their 'news' is copied from other sources!
Mike, do an investigation on CNN Brasil ( then let me know about your reasons as to why it doesn't surface in Google News. Do note the media house launched in March 2020.

Once you are done with that, check and tell your observations on why a scrapper surfaces fine in GNews but CNN Brasil doesn't it.

Incase you want more examples do go check '', '', '', and ''. I hope you don't say CNN Brasil copies news from other sources. Even though it is only six months old my sources in Brasil say it is now the 2nd biggest broadcaster there in News media.
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October 21, 2020
Mike Gracia
October 21, 2020
What I'm saying is, they auto-accept now and THEN have filters that try to auto-catch dupe or not cited sources.

Whereas before it was manual checks.

So if you're NOT duping news, I'd look at other factors that may be related, like:

- How many others publish the same story but worded differently?
- WHO published FIRST
- How many other sites cite/quote your news articles
- How many News subscribers do you have via the app?

Things like this. It'll be automated, so think creatively and start to look at HOW the quality is likely judged?

Essentially PROMOTE your site ethically, ENCOURAGE subscribers to your news, Do some PR, cover some news and get UNIQUE quotes from people mentioned, like interviews, GET subscribers etc.

Basically, these things.

The scraper sites... basically may have been approved the old way (manual approval) THEN been turned into scrape sites, for example dropped domains picked up etc.

Not saying this IS the issue... just trying to help by giving you areas to look at.
I completely concur with you said on how new websites are going to have to stand out to make the cut in the New System. But there is a major problem within the system itself.

First of all they have only implemented this only on new websites. The algorithm should have been implemented on all websites irrespective of it being manually approved or not. There is no reason to think that a website that has been manually approved prior to 10.12.2019 would be better than a new website which born post 10.12.2019.

Second the new algorithm just doesn't surface content from New Publishers irrespective of it being a legitimate website or a scrapper.

1) News Websites like CNN Brasil which are part of Google News Initiative have failed to surface (You won't find any articles from CNN Brasil on GNews)
2) News Websites which tied up with Google Web Stories as launch partners have failed to surface
3) News Websites that received funding from Journalism Emergency Relief Fund have failed to surface
4) Legitimate Niche websites with ample of references from big websites have failed to surface.

Also it's not like that anyone is saying that Google isn't surfacing 100% of content from their websites. The problem is that Google isn't surfacing even one article from these news websites. You can check and try locating articles for CNN Brasil. You won't find many articles. The funny thing is it is part of Google News Initiative. 

A scrapper is able to surface directly after taking over a manually approved GNews domain but New Publishers can't surface. This is the major problem.

Something this so called expert research has deliberarely ignored and something that Google News has zero interest in adddressing.
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