Unexpected Content Digest about SEO: Vol.8

Unexpected Content Digest about SEO: Vol.8

We gathered all significant news about search engines and in-depth guides to share with you. Knowledge is power, so be informed ;-)

Search Engine News

Content digest vol.8: Search engine news


  • Google announced a change in the version of Chromium when rendering pages from the 41st version to the most current one. But now they are talking only about testing tools – Mobile-Friendly Test, Search Console URL’s inspection, Rich Results Test, AMP Test. Read more on the Googleblog.
  • Google published a post ‘What you should know about Google’s core updates’. Search engine tip: focus on the content.
  • Also, check out a new guide on how to get more out of visual searches on Google Images with AMP.
  • Google announced that starting from September 1st, they will retire all code that handles unsupported and unpublished rules (such as noindex) and recommend to choose from alternative options to remove URLs from Google's search results.


Digging into SEO

Content digest vol.8: Digging into SEO

  • Starting with the new Chrome 76 version, Google announced an updated loading attribute. It will allow using lazy-load technology without writing additional user code or connecting separate JavaScript libraries.
  • MOZ specialists prepared the traditional ‘WhiteboardFriday’ with an interesting topic. Paul Shapiro shared which programming language is best to learn for SEOs.
  • Our content marketer Anton Yany prepared an ultimate guide to sitemaps and described how they affect SEO. You’ll learn when exactly you need a sitemap, what is the difference between sitemap types, what kind of sitemap tags you can use, and how to create and optimize your sitemap.
  • Find out how Google forms featured snippets and what information you can find there.
  • Check out actionable strategies to improve your blog and increase traffic on it. You’ll learn tips for an ideal blog post and types of structured text, how to analyze your competitors, how to make engaging headlines, do you need formal and long read posts, and how social media and email marketing could help you with it.
  • It doesn’t matter how long you have a website, it’s always a good idea to have high-quality backlink to your resource. Here are nine tactics on how to get backlinks and increase traffic to your site.

About Netpeak Software Products

Content digest vol.8: About Netpeak Software products

  • Check out a useful list of SEO tools to automate your everyday routine. Guys from SendPulse also included Netpeak Spider.
  • If want to know more about feedback on our tools, here are fresh reviews on Netpeak Spider and Checker.