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Affiliate Program

Join our win-win affiliate program: earn up to 30% commission from all purchases your referred customers make and also grant them a 25% discount for participation in the program.

Conditions of Our Affiliate Program

High Commission

Refer more customers and get up to 30% commission from purchases via your affiliate link or promo code.

Discount for Your Users

Offer your audience your personal affiliate 25% discount for the first purchase of Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker.

Recurring Income

Earn commission from every purchase made by your referred customers including recurring payments.

Special Bonus

Our partners can purchase Netpeak Spider & Netpeak Checker with earned commission. In such cases, it is even multiplied by 1.5.

Feedback from Our Partners

We are honored to cooperate with numerous experts in the SEO niche and beyond: this is what they have to say about our affiliate program.

Netpeak Software allows you to offer your clients and visitors a 10% discount on their products, and in return, you can earn up to 30% recurring commission. On top of that, they are just great guys to work with, who will respond quickly when you have any type of question or request.

Jasja ter Horst
Jasja ter Horst Founder and developer at SEO Review Tools
SEO Review Tools

For every referred customer and his recurring payments, we earn commissions that we can withdraw without delay or purchase the tools with. Netpeak Software specialists process the requests from our referrals, and a personal manager helps resolve the issues. Satisfied with the cooperation!

Pavel Shulga
Pavel Shulga Founder and CEO at SEO Akademiya
SEO Akademiya

I started my SEO journey with Netpeak Spider. This advanced tool shows tremendous growth. I'm glad to be Spider’s ambassador because it meets the expectations. If you'd like to get cash benefits from working with the tool, I suggest you join the affiliate program. I've tried it myself — it works!

Dmitry Shakhov
Dmitry Shakhov Founder at REMARKA

How to Become an Affiliate

Start earning in 3 easy steps:





Sign Up

Create a Netpeak Software account and get an affiliate link and promo code in the User Control Panel right away.

Sign Up



Refer people by sharing your affiliate link or promo code: your referred customers will get a 25% discount for the first purchase for participation in our affiliate program.



Get commission that you can withdraw or spend on purchasing our tools.

Are there still any questions left, or you would like to get special conditions? Discuss with your dedicated manager via email: [email protected]

Types of Affiliate Partnership

Pick the best way to introduce Netpeak Spider, Netpeak Checker, and Owlymate to your audience.

Text overview of the tool

Describe your favorite features in Netpeak Spider, Checker, and Owlymate and publish a post on any platform available to you.

Video review about the programs

Shoot a video on how to use our tools and upload it on Youtube or other venue.

Special offers

Follow our giveaways to inform your audience about the best offers and earn with us.

Discounts for your clients

Make your customers a special gift: offer a discount on our programs as a bonus.

Educational partnership

If you teach educational courses or hold events on SEO, we can provide your students and attendees with free access to the products.

Your suggestions

We dig surprises: email us your ideas to [email protected]

How to Be an Effective Partner

To become our certified affiliate, study a curated compilation of resources to create useful content for your audience, or watch a webinar about the tools from our specialists.

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Who Uses the Tools

Learn what specialists use our tools and for what tasks. We’ve also included manuals to perform these tasks.

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Use Cases

We compiled detailed instructions on how to get the most of our tools in ‘Use Cases’ section on our blog.

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Update overviews

Thorough text and video reviews about new Netpeak Spider and Checker releases can help you spot the hottest features.

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Help Center

Nuanced user guides and answers to most frequently asked questions can help you quickly master the programs.

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SEO Academy

We’ve prepared online courses on on-page SEO basics with our instruments.

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Media Mentions

Online marketing pros often write about our tools – these articles can help get your creative juices flowing

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Let Us Brag About Our Achievements a Little

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We are always happy to help with any questions you may have and share examples of affiliate publications.

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